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We are Residential Interior Designers, Commercial Interior Designers, Residential Architects, Commercial Architects, Residential Interior Consultants, Commercial Interior Consultants.

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Bindya Malhotra

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North India

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Founded in 1981, Metamorphosis Architects is based in Chandigarh, India. The practice is a partnership between Ar. Pallav Mukherjee and Son Ar. Ashutosh Mukherjee and has evolved combining each of their expertise in the design and execution of each project bringing in years of experience with youthful creativity. The design-Build studio operates with other experts in Civil and MEP design as well as modern concepts in energy and sustainability. We also believe in alternative technologies and are equipped for prefabricated construction and design. Tensile and tented structures. The use of earth forces – The Sun, Wind, Geothermal and Biomass energies are integrated into our designs. This also is taken forward into making our buildings autonomous in terms of public health functions and other housekeeping systems. All the above technologies gives us an approach to a broad range of typologies to become a one stop Consultancy for Clients. Working nationally and internationally, the practice has an increasing variety of commissions that deliver private dwellings, healthcare, hospitality and interior projects, and a developing range of commercial briefs. Studio Metamorphosis believes that the essence of good Design lies in simplicity of use. We believe that the ramifications of sustainable practice reach beyond the sphere of good practice to inform the conceptual essence of each work of architecture. We see sustainable design as a provocation for rethinking the art of architecture. In the work of Metamorphosis Architects, environmentally conscious design has become an integral consideration in the formulation of architectural ideas and in the spatial experience embodied in each completed project.

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