Architects and Building Contractor Services in Delhi-NCR



Scope of Work for architectural services and construction of building structure covers the following:

             1. Preparing architectural plan and working drawings

             2. RCC Structure – earthquake resistant

             3. Brick work, internal and external plaster

             4. Door frame (Chaukhat) in Marandi wood – 6” x 2.5”

             5. Laying of electrical conduit and boxes in the slab

             6. Laying of sewer and rain water PVC pipes

             7. Mumty and Paraphet wall (upto 3 ft height)


Material that shall be used in building construction:

            Steel – Rathi or Kamdhenu

            Cement – Ultratech or equivalent

            Bricks – First class bricks

            • PVC pipes – branded ISI marked


Following works and items are not included in the above mentioned scope of work and rate and shall be charged extra:

             1. Elevation design and work of the building

             2. Boundary wall, underground water tank, PCC and main gate

             3. Flooring of driveway and setbacks

             4. In case of Basement – extra charges shall be applicable for the area of the basement

             5. Flooring, False ceiling, Punning, Painting and interior work

             6. Doors and windows

             7. Electrical wire, MCBs, electrical fittings

             8. Plumbing work, bathroom and sanitary fittings

             9. Kitchen,wardrobes and woodwork

            10. All the fees and charges to be paid to MCD and other concerned authorities



The rate for architectural services and building structure, as per mentioned scope of work, shall be Rs. 999/- per sqft plus applicable taxes. Charges for the interior work shall be extra.



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