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what kind of furniture will go well with very old house

Alok| Furniture and Furnishing

  0  6  0

Suparna | 5 hours ago

Can you please upload a photo of house for better understanding ? Till then, a few ideas. . . You can refer to the

How can I customise ready made curtains

Kevin| Furniture and Furnishing

  0  7  0

Suparna | 5 days ago

Customised curtains can be expensive depending on the size of your window, type of fabric and the style. If you a

What are ideas for decorating my home with a single roll or piece of wallpaper

Jason| Furniture and Furnishing

  0  12  0

Suparna | 6 days ago

Framing a piece of wall paper and hanging it prominently can add colour and punch to a room.  Using it to cover th

What wall paper ideas can be done to decorate a 6 year old girl's room

Karishma| Furniture and Furnishing

  0  12  0

Suparna | 10 days ago

This picture shows a room that has pink but is not overpowered by it. Even if your daughter grows out of pink, thi

What should I do with my spare room

Aabir| Interior and Indoor Spaces

  0  12  1

Suparna | 11 days ago

If you're into clothes, make it a closet that you can sit and hang out in. If you like to relax, you could make it

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