Your little princess dream room

Decorating your little princess’s room is not just an exciting prospect for her, but a fulfilling activity for most parents. A fairytale room for her is something most mothers can relate to as something they always wanted for themselves.









The best part about a preteen girl’s room is the options of colors and prints one can use and experiment with. However, decorating is not the only aspect one needs to consider while doing up a little girls room. Storage is an equally important part of it. In today’s world most houses have small rooms while the number and size of items to store keep multiplying rapidly. The number of toys, books, clothes and other accessories together make a bulk which can become painful to store. To top it up you can depend on your little one to dump anything and everything that she can get her hands on into every nook and corner of the room. Hence, her room requires a beautiful setting and intelligent storage. Ensuring her safety in those surrounding is also very important so you have to be careful about avoiding sharp corners, little free floating decoration pieces and high spots that can be accessed by the child.

Here are some tips to do up your little girl’s room:

Wall decor and color

Pink is the classic color choice for most girls, especially toddlers and preschoolers. However, girls a little older like to experiment more and may like to consider purple, green, yellow, orange and white etc. You might be in for a pleasant surprise when your princess decides on a soft shade of blue which seems to be becoming a hot favorite among grade-schoolers. You can mix and match stripe, dots and floral designs if you want a theme for the room. Another option is wall paper with cartoon characters or other designs. If you decide to paint the walls in neutral shades and soft hues then you can add splashes of color through cute wall clocks, framed photos, and painting and other craft items made by your child.


Depending on the wall color and décor you can add curtains to the room which can blend in with the soft hues or add a dash of color and vibrancy to the room with designs and brighter shades. If you have a specific theme for the room then the bed sheet can be coordinated accordingly or they can have your darling’s favorite character printed on them so that she can snuggle up on her bed and sleep in the warmth of their presence. Pillows add comfort for the child to sit on the bed to read and play. A play mat is always a good idea because then the child knows where she can scatter her toys and that they are not to be strewn all over the room.






Bed is the most important component of any bedroom and the same goes for a kid’s room. To increase the visual appeal and blend into the room the bed can be painted in pretty colors or decorated with nursery prints that your daughter adores.

Bunk bed

Bunk beds have been a favorite of kids for a very long time and nothing much seems to have changed even today. A bunk bed has one bed frame stacked up over the other held by poles or pillars on all four corners. Your little girl can climb onto the upper bed using a ladder or stairs attached to the side of the bed. They are a good way of maximizing floor space. However, due to the height and use of stairs, it is not a good idea to use them for children below six years of age.

Doll house bed

If your little fairy fancies a fairy land for herself then you can get her a doll house bed. These beds are enclosed in doll house or castle shapes which give the child the feel of sleeping in one.

Loft bed

A loft bed is like a bunk bed at some height, supported by poles or panels and needs a ladder or stairs to climb into. However, in this the lower section is used as an enclosed play area or study table. It can also be used as a wardrobe, dresser or a storage space also.

Canopy bed

You can make your child feel like a princess with a canopy bed. The canopy gives a rich look to the bed and the room. The canopy sides can be lacy or pleated satin to provide the little extra princess touch.

Tent bed

A tent bed is covered by a tent like shape and gives an adventurous feel.

3-D beds


You can even look up beds that are in the shape of carriages and sleighs. 3-D beds also have character shapes crafted on the beds. 




Study table

As soon as your child starts informal schooling you will feel the need for a study table, big or small. A study table will help her get into the habit of sitting at one place to finish her work and also help her concentrate on the task at hand. At this stage you can opt for a small table where there is not much need of storage and a small drawer and rack or shelf will do. Although there are many color and print options available in the market, you need to ensure that the color and print scheme is not too bold as to distract the child or too drab so as not to be able to hold the child’s interest. However, if your daughter has started formal schooling then you will need to consider bigger study tables which will be able to hold her school books and stationary items. A table with closed cupboards and drawers instead of too many open shelves will be a better idea so as to give a clutter free and neat look that will let her mind be at peace and not pose a distraction while studying.


A wardrobe with enough space and shelves to hold your little princesses clothes is a must. Even though the clothes sizes are small, yet there is a lot of space required to keep storing the next sizes you pick up in advance and the cute dresses that your friends and family can’t resist buying for your doll. Having her own wardrobe will help her develop the habit of storing things neatly and in their proper place. And since you have a little girl be sure to cater enough space for hanging her dresses and enough number of drawers and racks to store her pretty stockings, cute belts and adorable party shoes. The wardrobe can match the overall color scheme of the room and can also have bold nursery prints or characters printed or embossed on it.

Toy cupboard and book rack

Whatever be the age group of a child a toy cupboard and book rack are absolutely necessary pieces of furniture that a kid’s room cannot do without. All her dolls, teddy bears, doll houses and other games need a resting place. The same goes for her story and learning books. This will also help her learn to keep things back in their proper place and get into the habit of keeping the room neat and tidy. You can get a cupboard for her toys or use the under bed storage space or sofa-cum-box storage made especially for kids room. These items are also available in different colors and patterns. For the book rack you can decide on a floor standing rack or a wall mounted one depending on space availability and storage requirement.

Dressing table

If it’s a girl then her room cannot be complete without a dressing table as every little girl is fond of admiring her image in the mirror, and there are so many clips, headgears, trinkets and other accessories to store. You do have the option of skipping this article if your daughter is below five years of age but if she is older then she is bound to demand one. You need to match the color with the overall theme of the room and can decide on the size and designs (stand alone or wall mounted) depending on usage and available space.


With so many options available it is easy to get carried away but one must always keep the budget, utility and safety features in mind while deciding on furniture for kid’s room. In case the ceiling of your child’s room is low then you must refrain from installing a bunk or loft bed as the proximity to the fan can be dangerous. Also, if your little one has a habit of waking up frequently during the night then beds at height are best avoided. As your little girl grows up she may not want to continue with a bed or study table that looks kiddish or she may find them boring too soon for your budgeting comfort. One needs to factor in these changing preferences of children before heavily investing in a kids room.




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