Who would not love the fragrance of fresh flowers around themselves-Add more beauty to them with the right kind of vase

No matter how much we love to buy artificial décors to beautify our homes, there’s nothing that can replace the wonderful fragrance and sight of fresh flowers. I hope we all support this stance! So as we are an avid lover of the wild profusion of flowers and love to have them around, it becomes vital to keep them safe so that you can use them for a few more days. And what’s better than an attractive vase to both complement the majesty of flowers and keeping them safe as well?

Look in your close circle and you’ll find your neighbor or a dear friend owning a vase that will surely capture your attention. Besides, it’s quite likely that the vase you happened to miss last time may be found in your favorite person’s place and you may be left only with regret of not buying it then. However, we don’t want you to lament over it and rather enjoy your time in a warm embrace of the pleasant fragrance of fresh flowers. So don’t simply stuff them in an empty two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew picked up from the trash. Here’s what you can think of and get to know about the options for choosing a right kind of vase for your flowers.




Opaque vase is a popular choice of the home owners whereas as far as its shape is concerned contour of an hourglass is much preferred. Are you familiar with its shape? If no, then let us tell you that an hourglass has a broad base with a somewhat flared top becoming narrow in the middle portion. Then there’s another option in vase, which has a traditional broad mouth if you want to put in a lot of flowers. But often people only use one or two bunches of flowers and put them in a vase and then splay them open.

If you are a floral neophyte then neutral color can be an ideal choice. Some experts have even recommended a black vase to pair it with pallid or jewel-toned flowers. Don’t want a black one? Then consider buying a white vase and adorn it with pink or blue flowers, if you are a lover of an antique look.

Other than the color and shape of a vase, you also need to ponder over its ideal size that will serve your purpose. The thing that can bring a world of difference to your size selection criterion is marking the stem size and making sure that they are of the fitting length for your vase. If we go by the thumb rule laid down as per the traditional arrangements, the stem length would not be more than one and a half to two times the length of your vase. In case, you are looking to buy roses with long stems being 20 inches in height, then you would need a vase whose height somewhere should fall between 10-13 inches maximum. 

Read on to know more about these vases that will sweep you off your feet by their style and inherent grace:

For a Classic Appeal

Want to buy a vase with classic appeal yet don’t want to spend much on it? Then here’s a trick! Get a small bouquet of green foliage (evergreen branches, leaves or whatever you can pick) and pair them with some brightly-hued blooming flowers. For roses, you can have deep green, grass-green or blue-green leaves. Then there’s bright pink and red-violet which look great with chartreuse. The combination of purple flowers with a red vase looks simply stunning.             

For an Understated Look

 If you want to decorate your vase with that one single most perfect flower, then there are two ways of doing it:                                

a.    Purchase a bud vase that is specifically designed to hold one single flower.

b.    Else, for a more contemporary and edgy look, cylindrical glass vase is also a nice option. All you need to do with the glass vase is to fill it partially with water, separate the stem from the flower and allow it float.    

Other than these options, you can also try a complete set of three cylindrical-shaped vases made of glass at less than the price of three roses to place into them. Just make sure that the water is changed frequently because leaving flowers to float in putrefying and unclear water will not be am endearing sight to behold neither for you nor anyone in your family.   

For an Antique Look



Experts are of the opinion that white vases can be paired with pink blooms, roses or chrysanthemums for an antique look. Based on your choice as to what you really desire and wish to create at your place, there are multiple options available everywhere, such as classic porcelain vase, Grecian urn, a plain or an owl white vase, to name a few.   

On the contrary, for a more up-to-date look, it is recommended to go for pink flowers and place them in a green bottle of glass.

Bring home eco-friendly vases

Believe or not, but there are some really good options available in eco-friendly vases. There are potted orchids and guess what??...You can even have potted plants that last for a longer period of time than those separately purchased market flowers. But you will be required to take some extra care in this case as you will be needed to water these potted plants. Experts recommend to plant tulips or hyacinth for great results as they last longer and spread beauty all around.

Some vases for animal lovers

Are you also a next-door living animal lover? Do you also adore puppies, kittens and other pets? If yes, then there’s a good news for you!! – Which is that you can even bring home some animal-shaped vases to satisfy your fantasy and also to prevent your pet from destroying the flowers kept in it. Mentioned below are some different ways of using a vase:  

o   Buy a small vase, such as the black cube whose centre of gravity is low and fill the vase with space occupying blooming fresh flowers.

o   The other way will be to fill the glass with rocks or glass stones.

o    Place a considerably heavy flower frog (made of metal disk with spikes to firmly seize flower stems) down in the vase.

o   Some have advised using museum wax for sticking the vase strongly down to either a plate or tray.


Ceramic Vase

Ceramics are valued for their aesthetic attributes and are increasingly being used for practical purposes. It is used to create a wide variety of things, such as vases, figurines, garden statues as well as decorative tiles. In fact, ceramic vases are available in different shapes, just name it and you’ll find it! Go for this vase when you want to bring in more colors for your flower decoration. The vases also go well when there is no room for stems in your flower arrangement.

However, we would still like to empathize that water needs to be changed frequently, especially in this vase. Chances are that it can easily slip from your mind when you don’t get to see water.        

Bud Vase




Ceramics are still continuing to be in trend and a creative mind just can’t wait to play with his/her ingenuity. However, if you are wondering about which size to choose then you may go for a small one and what’s better than a small bud vase? The people are simply in love with the trend and are having white and blue Japanese-styled ceramics right next to their couches.

A bud vase is traditionally designed to hold a single stem with or without flowers. But in case you find stems being too thin then pair them with some flowers into your bud vase. Dramatic look is very much preferred these days and it is achieved by putting a single dramatic flower in the vase. Lilies are a great option for this kind of look.           

Cube Vase




This vase is mostly lined with a big-sized Ti leaf to provide covering to the stems as well as floral foam. The flowers are uniformly placed in this vase with or without foam. Even a ceramic cube vase goes well if you don’t wish to include floral foam or flower stems in your arrangement. 

Cylindrical Vase

As the name suggests, cylindrical vase is nothing but a straight glass column where it has a large opening so much so that more flowers can be kept inside it. This vase has a clean, contemporary look particularly for such architectural foliages as calla lilies, lilies as well as exotic flowers. In fact, roses which have a romantic aura look extremely stylish when placed in a cylindrical vase.

So these are all about vases – their different shapes and styles! You can pick any one of those that suits your taste and infuse fresh fragrance in your home by bringing in fresh flowers. This will instantly transform your house into a home. Just go and try it!    






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