Wallpaper Ideas you will certainly adore

Wallpapers were mega trends in the course of 90’s and the rage is gradually coming back. Decorating home with wallpapers is quite easy and you need not worry about the endmost result. If chosen well, wallpaper can stir up the room and append oodles of spirit into it. They can be applied to any nook of the house including dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and even kitchen. The patterns, textures and interior designs of wallpapers are countless and you might have trouble in sorting out just one. The most fascinating aspect of such wall treatments is that they can be pulled off easily when you get sluggish about the looks. 

Don’t be nervous about remodeling spaces with wallpapers. If an idea is innovative and fresh, no pattern of wallpaper is overdone. Here are some of the wallpaper trends, which will get you inspired to execute a remodeling project soon in your home. 

Bold Floral




Wallpaper is an effective way to reflect our homes as ‘fashion statements’. For any room that needs an eye catching wall and a splash of tones, it is an ideal quick fix. Botanical and bold wall treatments are a fad. They add refreshment to the rooms and energizes with a hurl of pattern. Such attention-grabbing floral prints bestow a welcoming and classic appeal to any space, hence, making even the ordinary spaces to look elegant and beautiful.

Sheen Metallic

Shiny and glamorous wall coverings are highly in vogue. They reflect modernity in any space. Metallic wallpapers come in gold, copper and bronze colors to create a civic ambience and offer a stylish appearance to any room. Metallic wall coverings do not necessarily mean that there should be glitz and sparkles everywhere. You can just add a trace of shimmer to the wallpaper. A well-placed uplighter, table lamp or a downlighter in a room’s corner will make the metallic wallpaper to dazzle more as such fineries reflect lighting. 

Detailed Geometrics

Geo décor, style and designs are currently among the elite decorating trends and when combined with the vivid world of wallpapers undoubtedly makes a lot of sense. Geometric wallpapers blend sophistication, pattern and a splendid visual appeal. Such wallpapers create a big difference in a room even when applied in a specific section of a large room. 

Lofty Marble




Colorful marble wallpapers bring out fun and a free-flowing touchstone to the walls. Marbled look can be applied to any room but it seems to be the most suitable for bathrooms, especially the blue and aqua tones. Dark colored schemes of marble wallpapers look lovely in the bedrooms. Wall coverings with marble effect help to get the maximum impact and that too without investing in high-priced bathroom slabs and stone counter tops.  

Sham Poster

Digitally printed wall posters are majorly trending. An interesting thing about such photo wallpapers is that they can be printed with your choice of image. You can put cute pet pictures, stunning holiday snaps and sweet family portraits in the form of digital photography and printing. These customized poster wallpapers look surprising and breathtaking as well. 

Live Interactive

Conventional walls might not be capable of babbling, but interactive walls can tell you and show what they feel. They are just like super sized editions of mobile touch screens. These wallpapers not act as the only backdrops but take the center stage. These are undoubtedly the most noteworthy fads to take home. The best part about interactive is that they appeal all ages, be it children or adults. 

Unusual Accents

Incorporating accent wallpaper in any space is a perfect way to bring a sense of extra-ordinariness in it. Accent wallpaper can be applied to the entire space or can even be used in bit portions like bed head boards. Accents can be applied in stone walls, staircases, wood pallets, book shelves and so on. Bright colored accents also look chic when used in the precise way.

Imprint Fauna

Animal prints are making a colossal comeback in the home interiors. From tiger stripes to leopard spots, they add a playful touch to home décor. They must be teamed up with plain fabrics and accessories for giving a superior look to any space. Hallway, accent walls, library or powder room, these fun filled wallpapers can be applied in each and every nook of the house. 

Fine Art




Rooms can be filled with traces of artistry with fine art wallpapers. Room walls featured with such wallpapers give a sophisticated and contemporary look to the spaces. Artists can take out their talent by creating large scale art works on wallpapers. Most fascinating part about these wallpapers is that old world art can be translated into modish lifestyle. 

Edgy Leather

Be it a photographic paper that provides look of a leather or the actual thing, different grains and shades of suede and leather are becoming increasingly popular due to its sensual feel and opulent look. Leather wallpapers look lovely in bedrooms, home offices, hallways and dining rooms. Art installations of leather can also be applied to walls for giving an eye-popping look.

3D Textures

Though 3D wallpapers sound to be something of a fiction movie, they are actually real and available easily. All thanks to the digital printing. These wallpapers comprise of supremely textured patterns to match the home décor and add excitement and style to any space. Most of the 3D textures are paintable so that they can be matched in accordance with color scheme of the room. They can also be applied to ceilings in order to add a further layer of style and flair.

Lush Nature

Green is going to be the color of 2017 which makes it clear that the botanical trend is going to be a fad in wall treatments. Wallpaper designs featuring natural and green hues that have graphic and contemporary designs present striking haptic effects in a room. Botanical leafy prints and earthy tones offer a feel of paradise and amaze the visitors for your sense of style. 

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