Uses of Marble and Granite

Each one of us is aware about marble and granite stones. We have seen it, used it and felt it in various places such as home, offices and other architectural buildings. Marble and granite stones are used for separate purpose all together as their composition and characteristics vary. Choosing among marble or granite depends upon the aesthetic effects you want to have and the wear and tear it will be subjected to. If you want to go for a more luxurious and elegant stone then marble is the right choice while if you are looking for functionality and durability factors in stone then granite stones is the right choice. Due to difference in their looks, porosity, durability and softness they are used for different purposes.


Use of Marble

• Flooring

• Walls

• Bathrooms

• Ornamental  furnishings

• Outdoor sculpture

• Stairs and pavements

Use of Granite

• Paving and curbstones
• Sculpture
• Structural building stone
• Veneer building stone
• Architectural trim
• Kitchen and bathroom countertops
• Backsplashes
• Fireplace mantles
• Granite kitchen islands
• Wall cladding and panelling

Marble is not recommended to be used in modular kitchen as it is highly susceptible to acid attacks. It gets dissolve in the acid very easily. It comes in variety of colours and natural patterns which make it ideal for the decorative purpose. However, there are various factors like weather changes, rain and variation in temperature that degrades and deteriorates the quality of marble. On the other hand, granite is more durable than marble and hence can be used in modular kitchens also. Uses of granite are far reaching as it can be used in the entryway, the pool, office as well as in the kitchen. It is an extraordinary natural stone which is very easy to clean hence; these days it is being commonly used in homes by home owners in different rooms for different purposes. When acids present in soil and rain water react with granite, the granite stones degrades.
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