Unusual Interior Design Styles for Your Home

You must have seen and read a lot about different interior design styles for your home that are very popular, for example contemporary, modern, elegant, classic, etc. But in the present times, when innovation is spearheading the market, everyday a new design style for the home interiors is born. It, therefore, becomes pointless to take up a well-trodden path instead create your own groundbreaking styles to personalize your space and truly define who you’re and what your lifestyle is. However, it is not intended for you to go unplanned and create interior designs arbitrarily without any prior knowledge of things. You are advised to read popular magazines, gather information and then look for what’s trending. So play it safe and invent bespoke interior design styles.


Also, you can pick up something that is not very common these days and yet carry an aesthetic appeal which can lend a fresh appeal to your home. If you have an unusual taste and are contemplating or looking for an unusual interior design style, then we have gathered for you some of the interior design details mentioned below. With these below mentioned ideas, we intend to introduce some unusual interior design styles which we think will be of immense help to you while planning your home remodeling project. These designs are heartwarming and create relaxing and peaceful ambience in their own unusual ways. Read on:



With a distinct sense of style bohemian interior designs are full of vibrant colors. The essence of the bohemian interior design style is experimental and carefree. To create a warm ambience textiles are layered on. Although the interiors of the space might look messy but each material and thing has a sense of purpose behind it. The bohemian style propelled by the trending styles and hottest designs have again made a great comeback. Now, the demand for bright colors, bold flowery textures is very much high as it helps bring a touch of bohemianism to your space without giving it a sweeping overhaul. 




The jaw dropping Japanese Zen design is made up of natural wood and stone elements. Its emphasis is on zen principles of light, function and space hence, it is considered to be the most refreshing and therapeutic design. It is mostly the earthen tones and ground level furniture that are being used to establish a striking bond between the natural environment and the interior space. The fact that Japanese Zen style interior design is founded on minimalist architecture and organic form, it helps in bringing great transformation to your room and creating a seamless flow between the exteriors and interiors of your home. Balance, simplicity, minimalist contours, softness, low floor seating, etc. are some of the characteristic features of Japanese Zen design styles.



If you want to have that delightful and captivating style for your home, then Moroccan interior design style can be a great choice. In such a design style, rich colors that are highly influenced by Spanish, Arabic and French interior design are increasingly being used to bring in a feel of lush and romantic desire. Remarkably beautiful patterns and textures are used to make the interior design strikingly appealing. Besides, the Moroccan design style is characterized by arched doorways, intricate carvings, decorative tiles, domed courtyards, floral fabrics, etc. to create a rich traditional aura and eye-catching appeal within the space.



For having minimalist interior design style, de-clutter the space first. This is the very basic aspect of this interior design style. Decide first what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. It is simplicity at its best and pursues the thinking “Less is more”. This style is inspired from Japanese interior design style where emphasis is on the use of basic elements only. Avoid using too much artwork and instead go for raw, unframed pieces for creating a bold statement. As far as painting your walls are considered, use neutral shades preferably white, mat emulsion, beige, wheat and gray. For achieving better results, go for long, length floor boards. Also, it is a polished concrete floor and large stone tiles that fully support minimalist interior design style.



The Scandinavian interior design style traces its roots back to the mid-century movement that brought populist and understated look to the fore. It features earthy tones, gentle hues and rounded contours. The style is an intriguing mixture of abstract shapes and artistic interior designs. Something you may not have liked during your school days, but now certainly can’t resist the sights of these beautiful geometric patterns, prints and fabrics which are the characteristic features of Scandinavian designs. It is informed by beauty, simplicity and utility and believes in minimal ornamentation. The entire Scandinavian interior is quite endearing and liveable where you would find a canvas of decorative cushions, furniture, accessories, plush of colors spread across the room.



Transitional style is born after the union of traditional and modern elements, fabrics and furniture – akin to a classic, timeless design. Whereas traditional and modern themes have contrasting elements in their interior design style, the transitional style adopts a mid-way by striking a balance between the two. It features neutral color scheme, subtle lines, sweeping curves and refined accessories. More than setting up an ornamented and highly decorated space, this design style lays more emphasis on practicality and comfort of the homeowners suited to a vigorous lifestyle. In transitional style, you wouldn’t find an overwhelming scale of furniture pieces, but carefully chosen elements, such as neutral color palette, nubby chenilles, pliable leathers and other sophisticated back and silver frames that truly define transitional design styles. In a nutshell, transitional design style is characterized by such designs that look forever fresh and timeless as well as elegant without having to appear austere.





The style is an offshoot from the turn-of-the-century industrial period. Characterized by exposed brick elements, frequent use of raw steel, copper-tone scheme and rustic wood pieces – the Industrial Modern Style is an inspiration for modern day aesthetics. It flaunts raw, unfinished look by showcasing metal and wood surfaces, neutral tones and vintage furniture. This much sought-after style draws upon a liberating concept where you can take extra liberty if you foster a love for industrial designs and chic interiors by integrating signature elements in your own style, such as exposed ducts and pipes, metal brackets, tubes and other construction parts. Several design enthusiasts go for this chic upscale industrial look as it is not only stylish, but also completely functional.


8.Nautical/Coastal/Cottage DESIGN STYLE

The nautical style captures the beach side cottage spirit of New England. The characteristic features of the style are unfinished wood pieces, seashells in clear jars and ropes that create warm, laid-back and upbeat ambiance. It vividly captures sea impressions, boats and ships along with the faint impressions of travel.  The outcome is ‘coastal chic’ which truly unwinds your spirit. Wall-to-wall windows facing a stunning ocean views or exotic garden look extremely stunning if you want to evoke a coastal or cottage feel. Besides, bamboo furniture along with punches of coral and green color strewn around the interiors of your home will certainly make for a perfect beach-loving lifestyle.



Maverick design style, as the name suggests, doesn’t stick to any predefined concepts or rules. It truly captures the modern day spirit that attempts to experiment with things to create something novel and out-of-the-box. So it is very ingenious, eccentric and unusual. In order to bring in a maverick feel in your interiors, you can randomly pick colors for the walls and twist them to bring in more interest. Moreover, by overlapping volumes, joining different elements a truly maverick style is born which may apparently appear garish but helps to make a bold style statement.





The fact that high-tech design style is overwhelmingly unique from other design styles; it has become a popular choice for the design enthusiasts. It is highly innovative and modern in its approach where every single design element is not based on a random selection like maverick style and forms part of a unified structure. It lays major emphasis on furniture structure and aims at creating intricate structural space by inclusion and openness in terms of valves, pipes, air ducts, etc. Since glass, pipes and metal are an indispensable part of high-tech design elements, it features such predominant colors as black, silver metallic and white. Interestingly, this design style is equated with the ‘’functional’’ beauty of the place and constructively use synthetic and recycled materials to come up with bespoke designs. Choose some abstract patterns to add more flavor to the style and create stark contrasts with an amalgamation of modern-day technology and high flow of constructivism.


However, these design styles are not the end as you can discover more and more other unique styles that can transform your abode into an enchanting paradise on earth!





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