Unique Tips for Interior Designing

Your home looks spectacular but it has been long since you have made any changes in your home decor and you are tired of the same old look of your home; probably it is time to make changes in your interior designer. Most of us do not want to hire an interior designer as it will be inevitably expensive for the little changes that one wants to make in his/her home decor that will go a long way. Everyone wants to be upgraded with the latest trends in the market while still making choices that matches one’s personal style statement. Achieving this requires one to be aware of little tips and techniques of interior designing that would aid in bringing the desired changes to your home decor. Mentioned below are some of these tips that you can go through and incorporate into your home interior designer.


• Combine modern art and upholstery with antiques

The combination of modern art and upholstery and antiques that one already has at home can definitely co-exist together beautifully. Hence, do not be hasty about getting rid of those antiques of your home which adds royalty and class to the space.

• Use slipcovers

If you want to protect your furniture from getting dirty from dust and spills and yet want to retain that elegant and sophisticated look then slip cover is the best option for you.

• Use Wicker baskets

You can use wicker baskets in several ways in order to display and store various materials at home for example, articles, magazines, toys, towels, etc.

• For kitchen decor – add a hanging potholder

There are different perceptions regarding adding a potholder in your modular kitchen . For some it might look like cluttered and clumsy way of displaying utensils and for others besides providing storage benefits it looks elegant and wonderful in unusual ways.

• Use window sheers instead of heavy drapes

If you don’t want to block all the sunlight from your windows or want your room to be a bit airy and breezy then going for window sheers is a good option. You can replace your heavy drapes with the window sheers as they are in vogue.
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i am impress ur elements of retro style interior design then i am interior project executer.

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Need to send please details of internal desingning decoration details with best price

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Need to send please details of internal desingning decoration details with best price

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