Unique Ideas for Headboards in Kids Bedroom

We all believe in surrounding ourselves with a beautiful and creative environment. Gone are those days when we were satisfied with normal regular things, today we all believe in adding spark to our lives. Even kids room should not be regular or boring. With their exciting childhood, their room should have a chirpy yet fashionable touch. If kids have motivating surroundings it will make them happier and productive. One has to be creative and experiment with interiors from study table to cupboard to the kid’s bed.

Beds are the main attraction in a bedroom. They need special attention, especially the headboards. Creative headboards can provide sparkling touch to the kids room. Here are some tips for unique headboards:

Cartoon Paint Headboard – Kids love cartoon characters. The safest and colorful idea is to get the bed headboard painted or printed or covered with their favorite cartoon characters. The bright colors will add a blinge to the room and also make the room more vibrant.


Love Picture Board – Another bright idea is to cover the bed headboard with family pictures. It would give a loving effect to the room. This board would provide a loving and affectionate touch to the room. This would keep the family closer and warm.


Abstract Pattern- Well there is no hard and fast rule to follow something in a pattern. The abstract pattern along with vibrant colors like orange, yellow, blue can add different kind of light to the kid’s room.


Motivating Quotes- If you want to keep your kids going, moving and motivated, you can easily get good motivating and inspirational thoughts printed on the headboard. 


Motivating Quotes

                                                                                                  Source - sunlitspaces

Little white board- There is another option that can help your children to shape their creativity. You can take lower half board as cushioned back and the upper half board could be converted into a white board where the kids can draw and write and do whatever they like to do. 


Little white board

                                                                                                                  Source - pinterest 

Cute Prints – This is another way of making your kids room loving and warmth. You can get cute prints in flower or cartoon characters printed on the headboard. This will give a wonderful look to the bedroom.

Hopefully these ideas would help you to design your kids room in a warm, comfortable and vibrant manner.





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