Style your home with some fabulous window curtains

Since curtains are an integral part of home interior designing, it therefore cannot be left unattended. They serve two important purposes, i.e. providing the much-needed privacy to you and others in your family, secondly preventing sunlight from entering inside your room. These are even used to segregate spaces. Other than having a functional role to play, curtains also improve the aesthetics of a place and enhance its appeal. 
Explore markets nearby you or even online and you’d find ample variety in terms of designs and fabrics. The most popular varieties are shower curtains and window curtains. Shower curtains as we all know are used for bathrooms, but window curtains are used everywhere in our homes, be it your living room, bedroom, guest room and even in modular kitchens. As there is no dearth of fabrics, Interior designs, colors and finishes available – making a choice can get a bit difficult. Don’t make selections in haste as curtains aren’t low-priced either, so it’s important to bring home the right ones for styling your home.
So if you are planning to give your home a nice makeover or wanting to introduce new freshness in your home interiors, then it can be achieved by replacing old curtains with the new ones. Just make sure to keep two most important elements in your mind while buying it, i.e. the curtains should have a great aesthetic appeal and at the same time ensure privacy and regulate the flow of sunlight in your home.             
Apparently you may not feel the need for shower curtains, but if you don’t include it then something will really look missing in the space. It’s true that shower curtains ornament your bathroom in an elegant way besides preventing the floor from becoming wet by the constant splurges of water while taking shower and of course also giving you some privacy.  In fact, in shower curtains too you will find unique styles in different fabrics to give your bathroom a great finishing touch. 
Now comes window curtains where there are countless options and its selection is very crucial as it can make or break the complete look of your home decor. So do the selections not only as per your likes or dislikes, but also as per what the interiors of your home dictate, such as your furniture, rugs, carpets, lightings, wall hangings, etc. There are curtains in different patterns, fabrics as well as thickness to meet your taste and transform your space enormously.  
Learn here what all different types of curtains you can bring in your home: 
Rod Pocket
Box Pleat
Pinch Pleat
Tailored Pleat
Tab Top Curtains
Sheer Curtains
1. Rod Pocket Curtains
Rod pocket curtains have a simple cased heading which is mostly used for lightweight fabrics as well as nets which are not opened or shut on a regular basis. In this type of curtain, you’d find a casing sewn from the top whereas the ends are left open. These are compatible with slender curtain rods that run through the channel and are adjusted into sockets or onto hooks from the side ends of a window. And since the curtain rod gap makes for a tensed fit, this type of curtain should be avoided for a regular use and rather be used where the space is visited less frequently, like your store room or a sitting room for guests.    
2. Box Pleated Curtains 
Box pleated curtains look very stylish and can be tailored to meet the needs of every individual. These curtains, as you can see in the picture above, are sewn into deep folds down to the complete length of your curtain. The square-shaped lines that fall after the other lend a much-needed understated or what you may also call formal look to the curtain They are therefore much used for formal set ups, such as your study room, dining room or a lounge for that matter.  

3. Eyelet Curtains   
Eyelet curtains are also known as Grommet Curtains that are mostly used for all types of fabrics, varying from light to medium, including rings of silver at the header where a rod runs through. You will be able to hang the curtain very easily and effortlessly, which is why you can see this style of drapes are mostly needed for kids bedrooms because they can easily open and close them whenever required. In fact, you don’t have to put in much effort in their maintenance. 
Interestingly, you can also get customized eyelet curtains made with a light, formal fabric which will then be an excellent option for you contemporary-styled bedroom or lounge room as the design is not over-the-top.
4. Pinch Pleat Curtains 
In Pinch Pleated Curtains, you’d find decorative plates at the top which appears to be somewhat formal in comparison to rod pockets or any other normal gathering. However, these curtains are made with almost all types of fabrics to cater to the tastes of more and more people. Pinch Pleating Curtains mainly have four categories, viz. five finger pinch pleat, four finger pinch pleat, three finger pinch pleat and two finger pinch pleat. As the number of pleats increases – the dimension and fullness of the pleat also increases and so does the length of fabric required for the curtain is bound to increase, including the cost.        

5. Goblet Pleated Curtains
Well rather than describing a Goblet Pleat Curtain, let’s give wings to our imagination and picture a grand room of a big traditional home showcasing elevated ceilings. Impressive, isn’t it! In such a place as this Goblet Pleated Curtains would simply look incredible. So these curtains have fully, rounded pleats which ideally should be shaped either with wadding or interlining.    
6. Tailored Pleated Curtains 
Well… Tailored pleated curtains are very much like the Pinch Pleated ones, but it’s just that the pleat begins from the top of the cloth material and spreads from there. These are called as Euro Pleats. According to a popular opinion, these curtains are not elaborate yet look very stylish in appeal. Though any fabric can be used for tailored pleated curtains, but substantial fabric is considered the best whereas if light weight fabric is used then definitely lining would be required to make it long-lasting and elegant. 
7.  Tab Top Curtains
Tab top curtains are akin to eyelet curtains where they have loops made of fabric at the top and are hung on a rod. It’s elegant, informally designed and goes well with all fabric weights because they are hung on an even surface with a repetitive pattern and folded appearance.     

8. Sheer Curtains
Filtering in sunrays while giving you some privacy – Sheer Curtains are often preferred as secondary curtains or to be used as a cover up for your blinds. This way you can still have some light falling on your window. You don’t have to ponder over how it is used. Simply use this drape with your main window blind or curtain to prevent light from pouring in and then pulling it up to reveal the sheers and making way for the light to enter in though not so much to still curtail the visibility of your room.  
Sheers often flaunt a tab top design; you can however get it customized into any other style of your choice. Just remember the light weight and delicate properties of this sheer fabric. This curtain is a fit choice for almost every window of your house and can be designed more formally by encasing the curtain top in a pelmet; thus covering the curtain rod as well as wall joinery.      
The list may be endless, but we have already culled the list of popular ones here for you. So this was all about the curtains. But there’s much more to it, like valances, pelmets, loops or rings. If we talk about valances and pelmets, they have an attractive framework used to cover the fixtures of your drapes right at the apex of a window casing. Whereas valances have a soft appearance created using pleated or gathered heading; the pelmets appear flat and have box-like shapes. Don’t want these shapes? You can share your creative thought on this with the one who’s designing and get the pattern more detailed or elaborate. Mostly made using chipboard and concealed with a decorative material, the entire façade looks amazing for hiding curtain rods in a contemporary and aesthetically delightful manner.
So curtains come in a wide range and require different ways of hanging them. Those having loops, rings or tabs are adjusted on a curtain rod whereas more formal curtains such as your cased heading curtains or the box pleated ones use curtain tape which is made to move along on a track. The length that you choose for a curtain, whether it’s for a formal or casual look, is going to bring a world of difference in its style and overall appeal, so decide it scrupulously. Curtains that are mostly longer than the size of your window are quite likely to touch the ground and are named as puddling. When it’s thoughtfully done can give your room a great, formal look. Choose the fabric wisely as it should have a considerable amount of weight because if it comes out to be light weight then it won’t puddle very well and can end up looking cluttered and unfinished. Moreover, if you desire something very modern and up-to-date then keep the curtain length a few centimeters above the ground, leading to a clean and organized look. Then also mark a proper place above your window where ideally the track or rod should be adjusted. You can keep the height of your curtains elevated from the window which will make it appear bigger – it’s an excellent design trick – try it and see for yourself!    
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