Studious ambience for Teenagers–How to make the surroundings appealing for your kids

The ‘teen’ time for all of our kids need not be the awkward phase of their lives. What we did not achieve during teenage we must endeavour to offer a better life for our children. They, being in the decisive years of their life need peace, privacy, less interference, more comfort and freedom indoors. How are we to do that? For a phase in life that is generally overlooked by parents and guardians? They are all growing up, attractive, brilliant, shrewd, yet, gawky when facing the public.

Whether it is a joint family or a nuclear family, the kids in the family are the promising adolescents of the future. So it is imperative that the concerned parents must give due regard to the kids’ choices be it in academics or sports.  They deserve maximum support and the required ambience to excel in whatever field they wish to shine. 





Health also plays an important role in the upbringing of the child to maintain the rhythm of progress in the required field to excel. No stone should be left unturned by the parents in creating a suitable atmosphere to rise and excel.

Indoor etiquette comes with ‘perfect’ breeding in their daily lives. They need a push for getting good grades but are we doing our best by giving them the right ambience to perform well at school. The teenagers reflect their personality or their inner image when in school or with their peers. They are so sensitive that they easily get ruffled or moody.

Not always are we bestowed with physical or mental fitness but we must ensure to offer these to our near and dear ones especially teenage/growing kids. How they live indoors does project a better side of their persona especially in winning academic accolades. So a pristine and studious ambience can help in expecting them to perform well, in particular, the girl children who need more privacy and comfort than boys. Besides being airy and bright their rooms must exude peace. So care must be taken to avoid arguments or scuffles at the dining table.

1) A well-planned house will have an exclusive space for desktop computers/laptop/play station so that they can relax with networking or enjoy a game or two at the play station

2) Extra care should be taken to make the space soundproof and it need not be too big to invite mess.

3) Maybe a CCTV camera can be placed in a hidden corner to shun uninvited friends for helping out your son or daughter and also play safe.

4) A four-layered bookshelf can help to make two of your kids share space for books to be used daily. Two study tables with cabinets to stuff personal items like files, paper, stationery or even toys

5) Closet for almirahs can be placed diagonally in the room to divide the needs of two children even if they are twins

6) The furniture must be compact and colourful, not too bright but must have windows with glass panes to let in natural light and fresh air

7) A refined choice of curtains is advisable for privacy and to avoid a glossy look

8) Walls can offer space for a couple of paintings or photographs of accomplishments to adorn the space, a glorified ambience.

9) A longitudinal four-side-open shelf can occupy trophies or cups, knick knacks which add youth and beauty to the room.

10) A comfortable chair and table for the home tutor should be placed in the child’s room that can also have a mini-fridge. This arrangement does not augur well if placed in the drawing room of the house.

If the adjoining walls are wide, they can be adorned with bigger paintings for photographs that elicit the ‘hall of fame’ of the family and its ancestors. This will boost the spirit of young teenage kids whose ambitions can be spurred.


Gothic or Victorian furniture can be amazing if the space is used sensibly




Most people associated with Gothic of Victorian furniture generally envision dark, decrepit homes that wear a haunting look. Today, re-decorating the house with such furniture and interiors are considered amazing or ornate. A well-decorated looks more opulent if draped in high-end fabrics with decorative details to supplement a subtle but refined look. In India, such styles do look pompous and opulent but all the same, they are affordable if styled specifically for the Indian climate. This can begin with chandeliers and dark hued walls coupled with bright furniture with bold designs for furnishing.

Tapestries with the right fabric for children’s rooms that are used for pillows, curtains and upholstery should add the right ingredient to beauty. As mentioned earlier Gothic look also extends to pottery bowls, wooden scones or lamps in wrought iron. Lamps are sturdy and require low maintenance.

A lancet window is the ideal place which gets noticed due to its pointed arch. This space is inset in the wall and can accommodate heavy books. Tall arches are in vogue for windows and single paintings on the wall that gets silhouetted with an arch. Nowadays PVC multi-colour wall stickers are available that add a dash of variety if bought in a collective sale. They are not expensive but elegant interior design and non-toxic for children’s room. They are available in titles like animal kingdom, tree shades, kids’ giraffe, birds, Christmas winter owls, etc.  They are available online.

If the home library or collection of books are not exhaustive enough, teenagers can look for a teen spot in the neighbourhood for books, for chatting or interaction about school work. At times, the timings don’t match with the relaxed hours so these teenagers can borrow books from the public library on a holiday. This helps in exhaustive reading or homework where it is necessary for parents to encourage such outings. The parents can also help children stock the required books at home so that the right selection for reading is supervised. The lifestyle of parents and children is a rigmarole of adjustments and juggling of time, so the matured of these two groups should practice time-management.

Books and their place in the house

Books have a place and role in children’s life to begin with academics and stick to it till a career is sought. Those parents who expect their kids to shine in the academic field must begin early in creating the right ambience for studies.

a) The rooms of your kids may be compact but they may lead to a patio stepping into a green patch not necessarily for playing games but for reading outdoors which refreshes the mind

b) Sometimes rooms can lead to a narrow stairway to the ‘study’ of their parents. This may be an ideal place to sort books for reading under parental guidance

c) These days parents stock also their library with CDs with encyclopaedic knowledge. These can be retrieved by children as and when required

d) Children need not always visit friends or neighbours to borrow books or CDs for projects. Healthy reading habits begin at home

e) Too many books can also boggle young minds, so the rooms of these kids must have the essential books for reading and those which are prescribed in the syllabus

Absolute discretion must be exercised by the parents to see that the children seek the right books at the home library if not obtained from school.



If music in the vein




If your children have an inclination to pursue arts like singing and dancing, they can do so at home with the necessary paraphernalia. Carpeted floors and amplifiers at the right angles can help in creating the right ambience for the hobby. Musical instruments can be carefully fitted into the shelves to help the kids reach them and practise regularly. Hanging them on the wall is dangerous and is least creative. So parents must take due care to make shelves that support musical instruments to prevent wear and tear. Big instruments  like sitar, guitar, drums or a synthesizer should be permanently fixed in a corner. Sometimes, the piano also takes a lot of space to fill the room.

Music could be a life long hobby or a profession for your kids. So the appropriate furnishing is necessary for your teenaged son or daughter who may turn a celebrity tomorrow.

Sportive furniture

The same rules can be applied to kids who opt for outdoor games and are constantly in need of kits for the required sport. They range from bats, balls, hockey sticks, racquets or garments suitable for practice. A child who takes sports seriously must be encouraged not only with an ace coach but also the necessary equipment which he/she may need at home. Please do not let your child practise his hobby in the living room as a garish display of talent can make him vain and unpopular among peers/siblings 


Care and nurture of talent begins at home. Children can hone their talents well from the launch pad called home and parents should ensure this attainable comfort for furthering talent of their offspring.






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