Six Easy Ways To Warm Up Your Home Decor This Winter

Winter, one of the most awaited seasons of the year is finally here. Its the season for cozy rooms, warm blankets and hot chocolates. Creating a warm and snug home decor does not require a lot of work or even a lot of money. Here are just a few tips and tricks on how to make your home feel soft and comfortable this winter season.

1) Use Warm Colors

The correct color palette can instantly warm up the room. Using colors like tones of gold, orange, terra-cotta, and red give an instantly cozy feel to a room or home. To get this look you do not need to paint your walls, you can simply use these warm tones in furniture, rugs, and accessories.

2) Add Textures


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The use of textures through warm area rugs, sofa throws, velvet or fur cushions, bedding and upholstery can really help cozy up a space as these layers add warmth and variety. 

3) Cover up your floors

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Bare floors are great for summer, but they can feel rather uninviting in winter. Using floor rugs and textured carpets give you a warmer feel underfoot. Besides this, using floor rugs or carpets looks elegant and add an interesting element to your decor.

4) Soft Lighting

Soft lighting adds warmth and creates a perfect ambiance for winter. Dim mood lights are more appealing than brighter ones and add to the wintry charm. Using candles are a great way to achieve this look.

5) Heavy Drapes

You can also change your drapes during the winter month and change from light and wispy curtains to heavier drapes that will add an extra layer to keep warm inside.

6) Sentimental Objects

To truly make a room cozy, you can try filling it with pictures and memorabilia of family and friends. Adding little touches of personal decor can increase visual appeal, thus adding a warm and homely feeling to the room.
by Kapil Agarwal


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