Principles of Eclectic Interior Design Style

The basic rule of eclectic interior design style is that you do not follow any rules. It is called a collected style and represents the pinnacle of design freedom. You can mix a variety of styles from bright colours to muted ones, classic antiques to minimalist objects, and any other style from any part of the world. It is based on surprises and is unique and unpredictable.

The visual excitement that is achieved by mix and match of different elements is the true essence of eclectic design, though it comes with its own drawback. The look can easily become messy and confused. Hence, the principles of a good design - scale, proportion, balance are essential and should be your guiding factor.



The rise of eclectic interior style saw the downfall and fading away of typical living rooms, bedrooms and dining sets. You can introduce a modern chair with a classic loveseat, an intricate almirah with an antique coffee table or some unique lamp shades or colorful painting. This is the kind of collected look that you can achieve.


You can create a unique and exclusive look by combining artwork and accents from different styles and era. Replacing the purpose of an element with a new one is a crucial aspect of eclectic design. You can consider looking at an old object with a new refreshing purpose.


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A huge variety of patterns, bold florals, slim stripes and paisleys can be combined abundantly in upholstery and wall finishes. You should make sure that there is a sense of balance and proportion to achieve a harmony among these different elements. A few hues can be selected and repeated in paints or accent pieces to create a balanced space.


Variation in textures can create harmony even in a room with different layers and styles. Shaggy rugs and smooth silk pillows, rough finish stone with glossy metal, organic wood with brightly coloured acrylic - these can create an immense contrast and enhance visual and tactile appearance.


Despite having a variety of elements from different styles and era, eclectic design always has one common thread that ties the whole composition and makes it work. This can be done by repetitive use of some selected patterns or symbols or shapes or by using a few strokes of a neutral colour. This works wonderfully in making a difference between a well balanced composition and confusion.

Using one element to tie the design together does not make it less interesting. A perfect harmony can be achieved by the combination of neutral elements with the surprise and unconventional elements of eclecticism.

An eclectic style does not harmonise different elements, taken from the variety of other styles, into one boring creation, rather it brings into life one interesting and appealing piece of art out of that.


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In totality, eclectic style is like a mixing bowl that includes elements from different styles and ages used for different purposes and appearing differently. Despite all the variety it creates an interesting, unique and refreshing look and purpose to your home, creating your exclusive style.

by Kapil Agarwal 
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