Princess themed decor for your little girls room

A girl’s room is always very special as this is one such place where she stores all her things and builds her childhood memories. Her taste and choice changes with age and the changing environment she lives in, but every girl loves to have a room with a royal touch as there is no other thing that attracts so much to a young damsel than fairy tales and princess stories. If you are also blessed with a princess, then you should also surprise her by bringing in such themes for her room that are based on fairy tales and princess stories. There is no other best way to make her feel special than to make her room come alive with the most fascinating themes where she spends most of her time and enjoys her personal time.


Besides, a princess themed room decor, she also loves such princely accessories and apparels and many more such things that give her a royal feel. So enhance the grace of your little girl’s bedroom with a princess theme decor and give her a bomb of surprise which will surely lift her spirits and strengthen the bond between you and her. 


If you plan to change the existing appeal of your young girl’s room, then make sure you bring in a transformation which truly delights her and for that it is very important to take into consideration her likes/dislikes too. It is true that princess stories and fairy tales always fascinate her and little girls in their wildest dreams imagine such world for themselves too, but there can also be exceptions in terms of  what wall colors she wishes for, the kinds of accessories she loves and what kind of princess related theme she imagines for her room. 


So introduce change, but make sure that you recreate her room in a way that is no less than a fairy tale world which can give her a special feel. Besides, there are several Disney princess characters and you can include any one of them of her choice in her room decor which will further bring her closer to her room. Here are a few things that you need to take good care of while introducing change in her room and make sure that besides bestowing a unique royal appeal to her room you don’t make it look cluttered. Also, don’t just change everything by blindly following the trend and give utmost importance to the choice of your little girl. Read on for more: 


 Change it completely

Not just the bed or the wall pattern or just the furniture, but one needs to change everything to get a perfect picture. When you plan to surprise your daughter with a room which is specially designed with the princess theme, then make sure that you know her choice completely like her favorite Disney princess character like Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, and others. Also, do a thorough research and take the advice of a professional and then change her room accordingly to offer her a comforting space for your little girl to enjoy.


 Give life to her imagination 

Give life to the imagination of your daughter by replacing all the things in the room and redesign it with the princess theme by picking the best wardrobe, bed, bed sheets along with toy rack to give the princess theme a perfect finishing touch.


 Pick any princess-themed story

If you are planning to change the room following the story of a single princess, then make sure that you have a complete knowledge of the respective princess to be able to bring a desired result. As you are investing your time and money both, just make sure that the recreation of the room should be such to win the heart of your little princess. Also, you can get the wall art done which depicts the scene of her much loved princess story including the most suitable pillows, rugs and bed sheets that are personalized accordingly and complement the theme as a whole. Nowadays, there are also such printed furniture based on the princess-themed stories easily available which can also be customized to give the room a personalized appeal. 


 Decorate the walls

Walls play a major role in any room and when it comes to the room of a little girl make sure that you design it with the most appealing artwork that truly leaves her in a state of extreme delight. The wall papers that resemble a fairy land are suitable for a girl’s room and there are innumerable varieties of wall art that are available in enhancing the look of the room. One can even use the peel & stick stickers and giant glitter castle wall decal along with a few more. If your darling princess is fond of Cinderella make sure that you pick a giant Cinderella picture along with the decal of a giant carriage. Along with this, there are many more pleasing decorating items of princess Bella, snow white and the majority of the Disney princess. So decorate the walls with the stickers as well as murals that are available exactly as per the size of the wall.


 Bedroom furniture

Furniture too plays a major role in final makeup of a room, so it is advisable to replace the regular things with the furniture which perfectly owes a princess appeal. Stylish beds, themed chairs, dressing table, night stand, books table and a few other essential furnishing pieces can turn the room more appealing when coupled with the enchanting art designs. Choose the princess toy boxes, jewelry cabinets, vanity chair set and canopy beds that are perfect for the wall patterns generally in the princess themes. Replacing everything with the ones that not only gives a desired look to the room, but also offers great functionality, comfort and turns the room to be much more spacious where she can enjoy doing her activities. Even there are a few customized beds that are in the shape of a castle where a girl can organize many more things as per her choice. The perfectly picked bedroom furniture makes her enjoy and gain a royal experience which she only dreams of. 


 A few alluring accessories

Along with a princess bed and furniture, there are also a few alluring accessories that can bring the desired transformation. The accessories include bed sheets, pillows and other drapes that are much more appealing. One can get lovely combinations and a few personalized bed sheets with princess themes. There are several bed sheets that are designed with amazing castles and pictures of the princess and a few other things that are much more creative. Along with special wall art and perfect furniture – the bed sheets, drapes, rugs and cozy pillows too create a royal ambience in the room which are apt for the princess theme. So pay complete attention to the accessories that you place in the room of your little princess and make sure that you fill the room with such many more sophisticated things which can immediately capture her imagination.  


 Never restrict to just pink hues

Your girl’s room need not necessarily be painted with pink or should contain pink accessories as there are other shades that add if not more but equal grace to the entire room. You can also choose cerise pink or some other bright colors that are playful and consist of such shades like blue, green, orange, etc. that will certainly add charm to the pretty wall patterns. Pick the combination of colors along with soft pink, turquoise, peach and a few other shades that are alluring and recreate an amazing room for your little ones. The shades and paint of the room do play a major role, so make sure that you get the shade of her choice and suitable for a room to create an appeal so luxurious!


 Place attractive things

Starting from the mirrors to the flowerpots, place everything at the right place to gain a royal appeal. So for the theme try to add some fluffy and smooth textured sofas, chairs and bed which give her enhanced comfort and she can enjoy her time in the room. Along with this try to include well-designed mirrors, lamp shades, book shelves that are suitable as per the room’s appeal and the theme and even make space to decorate the room with the most fascinating pictures for a great visual appeal.


So pick the best of the things while staying within your budget and recreate the appeal of the room following the fabulous princess theme. Before heading to the market, just do a thorough research on the internet where you can even get the exciting solutions to all your queries and will help you in achieving the desired transformation.

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