Practical Kitchen Decor Solutions

People are often quoted saying ‘while life is created in the bedroom, it is definitely lived in the modular kitchen’ and whether your kitchen is large or small, it should be an inseparable part of your redesigning project. It is a space where food is cooked, which in turn fuels your mind, body and soul and prepares you for the rest of the day. It is not a sedate space, but a space where memories are created and shared. Not only this, an effective layout of your kitchen will augment the desire to cook experimental and delectable recipes.

So if you are willing to turn your compact kitchen into a dream modular kitchen, then we are here to provide you with some of the practical solutions to make it come true.


Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen is a space which always bustles with activities, so it becomes incumbent to use plenty of light. While on the one hand task lighting is installed under various modular kitchen cabinets and the island; the chandelier and pendant lights are used for creating an ambience for dining. Besides these, recessed ceiling lights can be used for supplementary accent lighting.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 

Much thought should be devoted to your modular kitchen layout and functionality, which contribute greatly in enhancing its overall appeal. Open shelving is a method, which is very much in trend and it makes your kitchen to look more spacious and provides easy accessibility of the things stored in them. Apart from that, try to paint the top cabinet with white whereas lower cabinets should be painted with gray, black and vibrant colors in order to create an appealing contrast.

Kitchen Surfaces

Depending upon your lifestyle, select an ideal countertop. There is no dearth of options available in the market, which include granite, wood, tile, marble, copper, laminate, soapstone along with recycled countertops. While Corian or quartz look compliments a modern, luxurious space; wood countertops give more warmth to the rustic kitchens. Also, glass or ceramic tiles help in creating a spectacular pattern and become the centre of attraction.

Knock-down Irrelevant Kitchen Storage

Amidst the recreation process of your kitchen space, it is also equally important to knock down insignificant cabinets and shelves. It will help in bringing a proper rhythm and flow to your modular kitchen and prevent it from looking disheveled.
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