Popular Themes for your Kids Room

Every child is special and deserves a comfortable living space where he/she can effortlessly thrive and evolve. As kids grow up watching stories on cartoons, cowboys, pirates, and super-heroes imagining  fairy wonderlands, you should deck up your kid’s room using any of these themes which is based on his/her favorite cartoon character. While boys love to collect comics and mementos on their super-heroes and imitate them; girls day dream about their favorite fairytale princesses, such as Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle and others wishing to be like them. So using creativity as your tool, you can transform their space into a delightful oasis.

Now with this, it’s time now to roll up your sleeves and get started using some of the below mentioned popular themes that will surely help you in building a stimulating sanctuary and relaxing retreat for your kids –

1. Fiction Theme Styling

You can give a fiction-themed styling to your kid’s room. As wall art stands out as one of the trending embellishment tool to beautify the space, you can choose a theme and recreate a fascinating aura in your kid’s room. Take inspiration from whimsical medieval tales that feature their most-loved characters.

2. Sports Theme

You can take the decor of your kid’s room a notch further using the sports theme. For kids who just can’t have enough of sports, this theme carries tons of appeal for them. All you need to do is to accessorize their rooms using their favorite sports kit. A wall with chalkboard finish can be painted with interesting images and ever-changing scoreboard. Apart from that, rugby-striped rug, baseball bat lamp, a net shelf or a basketball loop can bring a perfect touch to the room. 

3. Beach Theme

The bubbling sound of the waves and the sand touching your feet… who doesn’t love to be on a beach? So give a laid-back and revitalizing aura to your kid’s room using this great theme. From tubular wall art, bedding, beach-inspired kid’s furniture to lighting, duffle bags and wall murals, you can find enough options to create a small paradise for your child.
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