Personalized Makeup and Dressing Room

For women who want to own a separate space other than their bedroom for grooming themselves, here are some tips. A spacious room dedicated to dressing and makeup should have ample space for storing clothing and footwear for all occasions and seasons, makeup and other kinds of accessories, separate mirrors for makeup and dressing/footwear, along with an open space to recline in comfort. Such a room will reduce stress in today’s increasingly busy life where one is in a hurry to get ready, because everything is arranged in a well-ordered manner so that you don’t have to search for things. The place will also serve as a pleasurable luxury where you would like to relax and admire your beautiful possessions and get in others to marvel at them.



It can consist of different parts. One could be a hanging-area for daily-wear, which then would be easily accessible. Another can be spacious shelves storing labelled boxes of clothes that one does not need frequently, for example party-wear and clothing that’s not of the present season. Organizing clothes according to seasons would be a great help. Wardrobes can be kept open or can have doors, as you wish. While distributing the different parts and sub-categories, heights should be arranged in order of one’s needs.


This should have all your accessories, that is, cosmetics, perfumes/deos, jewellery, etc. within reach. Lighting should be given special attention on a makeup/dressing table.


Seating arrangement should be made close to the shoe rack so that one can sit down and put on shoes. Just like apparel, shoes can be arranged according to seasons and the distribution of heights mentioned in the wardrobe section applies here too. Shoes can be kept with or without boxes, as per your wish.
While planning the space-divisions for all the above, it is a must to keep in mind the quantity of each possession, and the fact that one will shop for more in future and will need space.  Keeping the location of the dressing-room close to the bathroom would help.
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