Organize your Kitchen with Gorgeous Cabinet Designs

When it comes to the interiors of your kitchen, what comes first? Style or quality? While choosing kitchen cabinets, the obvious answer for many is a combination of both. Modular Kitchen Cabinets types vary due to many factors. The appearance of the cabinet depends upon the materials, quality, construction and finish. This also determines how they will hold up to the daily ‘wear and tear’!

Sleek and Graceful


This is a VNR door style modular kitchen with cabinets in maple wood. Hard maple wood is often a most-preferred choice amongst people for the kitchen cabinets. Although light in colour, these can also be stained. The overall light tone in this modular kitchen gives it a sleek, contemporary look while keeping the space organized at the same time.

Timeless Elegance

     Pure-white-modular-kitchen cabinets 

Pure white modular kitchen cabinets give a sense of cleanliness to a smaller space while making it appear larger. These cabinets have beautiful detailing such as the beaded doorknobs and a lovely shade of a dark glaze over the white borders. The island turns into a cabinet in a shade of chocolate brown to balance the pure white.



Sturdy kitchen cabinets with a frameless design painted in a splash of bright colour or pasted with a bright laminate is all you need to give a fresh look to your modular kitchen . Sliding panels and hidden notches to open the drawers ensure the look remains clean and sleek.

Classic Appeal


The wood used dictates a major portion of the appearance of the kitchen cabinets. To create a classic, traditional look for your modular kitchen , you can opt for beautiful cherry wood. This has a smooth grain and is often priced at the higher end. The dark shade of this beautiful wood is ideal to make modular kitchen cabinets for a classic appeal!

Dark Beauty




Birch is another type of wood that is a few shades darker than maple. Quite inexpensive, it can take on the look of a higher grade of wood post staining. Birch is durable and can be used to give a smart look to the modular kitchen. Contrast with light-shaded modular kitchen counter tops and island and the look is complete!

Before you opt for a kitchen cabinet, remember the following:

  • Choose the right type of wood according to grain, quality, colour and finish
  • Plan according to budget and space


by Kapil Agarwal

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