Modular Kitchen–The 21st century Home Design Idea

Kitchen is an imperative and perhaps the warmest part of each and every home. Whether you home is small or a giant one, your kitchen is that one space that requires to be delineated precisely. Mostly, and particularly in Indian houses, kitchen is regarded to be a buzzing activity hub all through the day. Henceforth, the décor and interior design of a kitchen assumes considerable importance.

With this expanding modernization and shrinking home space, a modular kitchen has become a primary necessity in each of the homes. The good looks and storage ease that are provided by modular kitchens have made them the most preferred option among the majority of customers.


               modular kitchen ideas


A modular kitchen makes it quite convenient to remain organizes as well as efficient throughout the day. They are getting highly popular because of their stunning accessories and designs. For a modular kitchen, you can even select a finish and color that goes with your home interior design.

Whether you are building your home or planning to renovate your kitchen, here are some of the main points you must consider to enhance your modular kitchen.

Choose the material wisely

Crafting of the modular kitchens can be done from a wide range of materials such as MDF or plywood, covered with acrylic sheets or laminate. All of these come up in diverse grades; therefore it is always advised to take a well briefed decision while picking up any. For instance, if you are choosing plywood for your kitchen, then you can pick out a variety that is entirely water proof. Some of the common countertops are stone that include granite and marble, laminate, quartz and Corian. Granite is amongst the classic choices whereas Corian offers high durability. The remaining home décor and your budget would be highly significant in choosing the kind of material for your kitchen.

Budget it out

There is a wide assortment of accessories and design options available today and it could be quite prodigious for a buyer to go for one. One easiest and simplest way of short listing your ideal kitchen designs is by defining your budget and sticking by it throughout the designing process. By doing this, you will find it quite easier to go for the most crucial features such as inbuilt appliances (chimneys and hobs) at first and thereafter move to the extra good-to-have aspects like doors and soft close drawers. You must keep in mind here that your key consideration needs to be the overall functionality.

Good utilization of corners

Mostly in all the modular kitchen plans, there is at least one corner so you must make the most out of it. Ask yourinterior designer to design a corner cabinet which can be pulled easily for convenience of the users. Such things make the best utilization of difficult spaces. While opting for corner fittings, it must also be taken into due consideration that the corners can easily be cleaned.


The type of space available in your kitchen plays a crucial part in deciding the kind of modular kitchen for your home. The most popular sorts of modular kitchen are:

L Shape: L shape kitchen is a common choice in most of the apartments as this helps in utilizing the already available space in the best possible manner and is perfectly suitable for medium or small sized kitchens.




Island: If you are having a large space for designing your kitchen, then designing it around an island could be aesthetically delightful. You can also use the island as counter for having your meals.

Straight: The simplest of designs for your modular kitchen can be where the countertop is placed against the primary wall. It is an ideal alternative for studio apartments as well as small spaces.

U-shape: If you are having a large-sized or a medium kitchen, then a great option would be the countertop hugging the walls on all the three sides.

Install Cabinets

From market you can easily get ready-to-install cabinets which look extremely stylish and elegant. There are various types of cabinets that transform the whole look of your kitchen, give it a luxe touch and of course add more functionality to your kitchen set up. Let’s know about the kitchen cabinets in a little more detail:   

1.    Wall Cabinets

Wall Cabinets, as the name suggests, are such cabinets that are hung on the wall. They offer great flexibility in terms of design, manifold widths, three different heights, glass door choices as well as custom depth options. They are stacked as the base and lofty cabinets from bottom to top to create an accent wall which can store everything from your cookery books to kitchen appliances. Wall cabinets can be extended till the ceiling which helps in making use of the high spaces for preserving occasionally used specialty cookware and serveware.

2.    Utility Tall/Pantry Cabinets

The utility tall or pantry cabinets can also be extended from bottom to top. It offers an additional storage of about four cubic feet which is much more than a base and a wall cabinet within the same space. As a pantry it offers storage space for everything right from small appliances to your canned goods. You can also configure these tall utility cabinets in order to accommodate built-in microwaves and ovens.    

3.    Floor Cabinets




The best part with floor cabinets is the fact that they can be easily accessed by anyone in your family.  In addition, the sight of the kitchen floor cabinet looks really captivating as it spruces up the space greatly. You can store your day to day kitchen appliances and food products to be consumed on a daily basis. Floor cabinets typically come with a single counter and walls and floor cannot be accessed from under or behind the cabinet.

4.    Double-Stacked Kitchen Cabinets

Double-stacked kitchen cabinet is the best option for enhancing the storage space in your kitchen. Integrated with dazzling display sections, this form of cabinet gives a finished look to the space and makes it stand-out. In addition, such cabinets that come with glass door fronts have a scope for the installation of interior cabinet lightning. This lends a spotlight effect for any dishware or décor that you keep in them and it can also help accentuate the beauty of other kitchen lightings, like recessed or pendant lighting. In the end, you get a bright kitchen space for your cooking work.

 Fix Spots for Kitchenware 

If you like to have in-built appliances, then it is important to decide the spots where these will have to be included in your kitchen design right from the beginning. Make sure that the finishes as well as colors on these appliances complement the interior of your modular kitchen set up.  

Keeping these factors in mind can help you much in building a space-friendly and highly functional modular kitchen for your sweet home. And in case you still have doubts because of the availability of plenty of options in the market, then there are professional Interior Designers in Delhi who can help you in doing all the selections. They will not only help you in selection process, but in designing a kitchen of your dreams from start to finish.







One important point is how you can change the look of the kitchen with backsplash. A top choice is using glass as it gives a consistent finish, glow and reflects light. It can give a futuristic appearance. atom INTERIORS ,Bangalore

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