Make your staircase structure exquisite and notable

Every house needs a staircase, acting as a link between the two floors. While redefining our homes, stairs are often considered as an afterthought, but these are the high visibility areas and among the major architectural features that make homes more spectacular and extra-ordinary. Remodeling of the staircase might help in redefining the whole style of the house.







Being the soul of homes, the structure of the staircases must be determined with extreme care. Occupants of the house do ups and downs many times a day without realizing the usefulness of stairs and the innovations that can be done to them for getting an amazing look. Most of the modern homes have staircases that are attached to lobbies. Thus, in the event of social gatherings that portion is widely used. Visitors might take a look and get idea of the entire home décor with such portion and therefore, the staircase structure needs to be stunningly attractive. Staircase décor does not require a very high budget as with innovative and inspiring ideas, the stairs could add up to the whole look of the house and that too at a low budget.

Here are some tips to help you decorate your staircase:

Staircase Landing





Stair landings are leveled platforms being installed at points where the direction of the stairs is changed. It can be either on top of the flight or in between flights. The areas of landing usually remain unused. Thus, they can be turned into galleries, storage areas, libraries, reading nooks etc. All you have to do is make creative use of the landing space. The ideal space must be put to use before considering the available space and needs of the occupants.

Décor can be done according to the size of the landing. In spacious landings, creativity can be done in the form of stripes on the adjoining wall, placing benches with custom designed cushions, book shelve, gallery lit and even glass windows for a lavishing view if there is garden outside. Extra spacious landings can be used as sitting areas with or without fireplaces to add charm to the place. In cases where the space is minimal- exclusive paintings, gorgeous mirrors, artwork and decorative vase can be placed while full length and timber windows might also grace up the entire look.

Newel Post

Several elements are contained in a staircase, newel post being one of them. A newel post supports the handrail and is placed at the head or the foot of a staircase flight. Considered as traditional element of a staircase design, there is a lot of variety available in the newels. Maple, Oak, Pine and Cherry are considered to be the best choices.

A newel post summarizes the home architecture and reflects the class. Larger newel posts indicate status and wealth of the owners. That is why magnificent homes have more costly and impressive newel posts. Even the smaller entry halls look big when large newel posts are placed. Round starter newels having squared balusters and craftsmen style newels are highly in trend. The posts also look interesting when glass balls are placed on the top. Wooden newel posts are also used in designing modern staircases.

Staircase Railing

Apart from providing security to the inhabitants and the house guests, stair rails play a major role in the interior decoration of a house. Ideas for a stair railing must be durable and architecturally impressive as they constitute major design elements of the stairs. Whether your home has a contemporary, ultramodern or a traditional décor, a staircase railing combination must be matched to it for bringing a sense of style. Staircase railings compromise of Handrails and Balustrades.

Handrails: Modern handrails are mostly made up of wood, wrought iron, glass, metal or stainless steel. Major trends in handrails are- staircases painted white with balusters painted with varying vibrant colors, clear glass panels outlined with a metal frame, black metal railings, combination of wood and glass or combination of wood and metal in railings to give a contemporary look, railings of rough-hewn wood, hi-tech metalwork rails, craftsman style rails, geometric gold railings, stainless steel cables and white oar shaped balusters with dark wood rails. If you love experimenting looks, imposing heavy ropes along the newels might also appeal the visitors. Balustrades: They not only provide safety but give an elegant look to the house. Balustrades can be in the form of glass, floating stairs, stone, stainless steel and classic balustrades. A carefully selected railing might result in a modern updated look.

Stair Hall

Stair Hall interior must be highly presentable. With some clever ideas, a dull hallway might get transformed into a stunner. It is required to pass through the stair hall before climbing the stairs. Therefore while considering the staircase structure, décor of the adjoining hallway must be unique and impressive. It includes furniture, lightning, ceiling, carpeting, wallpapers and placing some antiques to add up grace.

·         Furniture: Hallways must have a comfortable sofa set that can be paired up with a stylish coffee table so that a proper seating arrangement is provided for added comfort. Alternative to this can be a dining table set as per the preferences of the occupants. Additional furniture can be a narrow settee, custom made entryway table, floating shelves, storage boxes and baskets or a chest of drawers. A bench can be used to put stash accessories and shoes underneath by placing baskets that might showcase your hallway to bring out an extravagant look.

·         Lightning: Lightning in the stair hall must be very appealing as it forms a major element of the staircase structure. Individual pendant lights that hang at varying heights is a latest trend noticed in modern homes. This looks gorgeous from any of the floor attached to the stairs and attracts the visitors as well. LED lights fixed in the ceiling in multiple numbers might also look attractive. Other options for lightning include Chandeliers, Lamps and Wall-mounted fixtures.

·         Flooring: There are plenty of options available for decorating hallway floors. Underlay flooring, carpeting, rugs, polished wooden flooring, flooring with tiles and laminate flooring are the major flooring trends nowadays. A perfect flooring needs to be selected because an upmarket hallway floor brings elegance to the entire structure. Carpeting is considered as the most suitable flooring for stairway halls as they provide more comfort and are more beneficial in places where kids and pets stay. Striped carpets, neutral colored and bold colored carpets are style statements of any home. Color of the flooring must also be determined with care as it plays a very important role in the whole floor look.

·          Wallpaper: Wallpapers are a better alternative to traditional paints as they look creative and attractive. They beautify the entire hallway and add up grace to the entire structure. There are many unique wallpaper hanging ideas which cover up the entire wall or some portion of it. Floral prints, statement geometrics, folksy styles and printed images are preferable choices among a large variety.

·         Display pieces: Antique items, pieces of art, large wall hangings made up of feather, hanging mirrors, pendant lamps or hanging baskets can be used to place at a suitable corner in the stair hall. Such antiques signify class of the owners and look amazingly stunning. Innovative ideas like artfully draped curtains to the windows, use of hooks to hang keys and bags or entryway organizers also presents unique style and elegance.

·         Runner: The stair hall can be updated with a beautiful runner that redefines the entire look of the staircase and the stair hall. A suitable runner size and color must be chosen according to the area surrounding the staircase to get a dignified look.

Stairway Wall




Stair wall décor might be somewhat challenging because of its odd location and uneven height structure. While being a little difficult to decorate, the stairway wall forms a major component of the staircase structure being clearly visible to the visitors of the house. The stairway wall can be made up as an attraction spot with little efforts. Applying PVC panels, vibrant colored paints, attractive wallpapers, family collages or wooden panels transforms an ordinary wall. The color of the wall must be selected with extreme care so that the art placed on the wall is best highlighted.

Some Do It Yourself ideas include placing bold alphabets in an uneven order along with small photo frames, large number of family pictures, quotes surrounding photo frames, a mixture of book shelves and images of family photos hanging down the shelf. Such ideas can be of a particular color theme or a funky mismatch as according to the likings of the occupants. Wall decals or stickers can be used to create a charming look. Wall made up of cemented bricks or half painted walls might also look trendy. Stair walls can also be painted in a unique style so that visitors might not get their eyes off the wall.






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Prakash Manori:

Send all types of stairway wall.

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Prakash Manori:

Send all types of stairway wall

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