Lively-vivid and chic home interior design ideas

If your home is beginning to lose its captivating look, then it's high time for you to step up. How about giving an entirely new makeover to your home by embracing the dark, the intense and the totally bold look? Whether to paint the walls Black or choosing to go for Black in everything for your home interior design, you must ensure that there is a scope for lots of natural light inside your home. And in order to break the monotony of the building blocks of Black, you can incorporate luxe, wooden and fur accents along with an eclectic contrasting fabric to add more zing to an already scintillating design.





Why not Stripes


Stripes in an interior design look very luxurious and modern at the same time. If looking for an eye-catching, pulsating yet definitive color combination, you must go for white and black stripes. This kind of striped floors, including the furniture makes a robust and visually enchanting statement while being in alignment with your house theme.


Elevate your interior


If looking for serenity like the ones that interior designers go for, pour a sudden splash of colors to your living room. Add a sophisticated touch to your abode by adding bold colored accents. Add a dab of nature and a bohemian charm to your interior by placing fresh flowers. Enjoy oodles of clean and fresh vibes.


Outline of artwork




Build a timeless aura within your home using the artwork and believe it or not, but it can make a small space to appear bigger. You can go for framed paintings for your living room in order to give a startling and classic appeal to the entire space. However, make a careful selection of these artistic pieces and choose one that resonate well with your personality, your tastes as well as preferences while of course giving your sweet home a distinct look with a tad of sass.   


Infuse life in your home with wood


Whether you wish to relax or do your favorite pastime activity, the wooden furniture such as dark chairs with an excellent finish or light cabinets will build a warm and embracing atmosphere year-round. To further enhance the appeal of your home interiors, you can place freshly plucked blooming flowers in the hollow wood. On the top of it, you can look for different ways to use both artificial as well as natural light to butter up and define the architecture.


Introduce nature within the four walls of your house

There’s more to bringing nature inside the house than just placing a couple of green pots in the living area. Harness the splendor of nature and bring the beauty of outdoors inside using natural plants and elements for a more relaxing and calming oasis.


Why not grow a mini garden inside your kitchen


Get mood-enhancing greenery to yourmodular kitchen space by either attaching planters or having pots placed in a particular section of the wall. Soft herbs like a small plant of mint will add freshness to the ambiance with its scent.


Permeate life into your walls

Don't just hang art on the wall, hang plants too. The climbing trees help in softening the column and the over-sized terracotta planter makes a bold statement against the white backdrop. A natural appeal to the interiors of our homes can help rejuvenate our mind and body. 


Pep up your living room with statement accessories


Make a great first impression! The living room being a main part ofinterior design is sure to make a huge impact to woo your guests if it’s garnished in an amazing way. Sky is the limit when it comes to home décor. Bright colors, accessories, plush fabrics, sophisticated colors and ambient lighting; all form the basics of décor. Statement accessories are perfect for a living room. Their soul motive is to tease and please the eye in a manner that feels edgy and fun while being casual. So, why not be a wish granting jewel for your home? Dive deeper and add one feature that you’ve always wanted in your dream home to make it look fab from dab – the statement accessories.


1.   Contemporary Lamp


Show your style to the world with asuspension lamp.Any enigmatic, elusive and uttermost contemporary lamp blended with modern style makes it flaunt worthy piece. You can choose an elegantly decorated lamp with an array of crystal droplets which reflect a shimmering light and the fluid- circular shade made from bronze metal seems to swim in space imparting a functional personality to your living room.


2.    Classy stool


As homeowners, we might feel that simplicity is a synonym for being classic, but, in today’s world, it’s the modern trend that matters. If old décor is leaving you uninspired, steal the show by grooming your living room with an elegant stool that has a rich upholstered velvet seat and the intricate scrollwork of the brushed, aged brass base. Such a stool is sure to bring total harmony to your décor with its edgy look.


3.   Handpicked mirror

Handpicked products in an engrossing interior design always make a room look stylish. They add that missing wow factor wherever required. Enliven your living room with a handpicked mirror shaped in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen. Go for the one whose handcrafted wooden structure in ebony veneer is sure to promptly revitalize your living room by adding that vintage charm to it. It will create a quirky setup, a balance and a rich luxurious appeal in your living room.


4.    Delicate vases


Creative display doesn’t just mean paintings rather it encompasses anything that involves creativity. Enhance the vibe of your space by placing a colorful vase with irregular striking shape. The artistic bent to the decor that this vase lends will brighten up your living room with fresh vibes making it look more engaging.


5.   Artistic paintings


Pep up the walls of your living room with artistic paintings. Such magnificent pieces of art are sure to leave you spellbound. Choose a designer who has combined realistic and contemporary art in enticing colors beautifully portrayed on a canvass. Add some sparkle to your living room with this painting to brighten up your mood. 


Choose smart and sophisticated storage solutions as jaw dropping décor pieces


Regardless of whether you build a giant mansion or create a small place that you can call as home, we all crave for a sense of space. We all yearn for a space to store our day to day essentials and for our luxury stuff too. Even in the largest of the houses, homeowners still want more storage area. They not only add an elegant twist to your interior but also look sumptuous at the same time.Clueless of what we are talking about? Well, have a look at these storage solutions.


1.    A statement cabinet





If your home is beginning to appear worn out and dreary, it’s time for you to use your magic wand! By bringing in some peculiar storage accessories, you are sure to create an impeccable impression. There is an epicurean cabinet which will leave you brimming with a great sense of pride whenever you have your guests to attend at your place. Such an exceptional piece of artwork is sure to bring back that missing wow factor into your home interiors.


2.    Trendy bar unit


To add a blend of old techniques and contemporary interior design, a bar unit is definitely the one to suit your requirement. Choose a priceless cabinet that is not only unique but also regal in its appeal. Personalizing your home with this en vogue piece of art will give an immaculate touch to your interiors while lending an aura of luxury and style.


3.    A vintage chest of drawers


If you’re eager to add a grandiose appeal with old-world vintage charm, add a vintage look chest of drawers to your abode. Choose a cabinet that spells luxury from the very first glance. Such a magnificent cabinet is sure to add oodles of creative touch to your interior.


4.    Sideboard


Looking to add a raw appeal to your interior? Look no further than a great sideboard. Choose the one that is made from walnut root wood on a brass base.The rugged, uneven look of such a sideboard is sure to touch your interior with everlasting magnificence.



Looking forward to harness the splendor of your interior design? Such interior design ideas will add a delicate and a royal touch to your interior. These dreamy home design ideas will make your wonderland blossom by adding oodles of pleasant vibes to the ambiance. Give your memorabilia a twist of style by using these accents as effective home décor pieces.








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