Light up your Home Interiors with an impressive array of Lamp Shades-Part II

As we have already discussed in Part-I about how to select the most perfect lamp for your home, it’s time now that you should learn about the types of lamps available in the market and what purpose do they exactly serve. Whether these are table lamps or floor lamps and what shades do they have. However, both these lamps have two things in common, i.e. the shade and the base. Though you’d find ample variety in lamp shades, but by merely changing its shade can help you dramatically transform the aesthetics of your room. 




Secondly, it’s the style of your lamp shade that of course graces the body of the lamp, so before buying one you should ensure that it has a perfect match. It is mostly seen that square lamp shades go well with square bases whereas the beauty of round lamp shades gets accentuated by the round bases. Additionally, when you consider any shade for your lamp first get an informed understanding about its functionality and style. Moreover, it’s the shape and color of your Lamp shade that impact the flow of light that comes out of the lamp. Read on to know about a different variety of lamp shades that are high in popular demand and can help you in lighting up your home interiors:       

1. Bell Lamp Shades


This name clearly reminds you of bells, right! Exactly, Bell Lamp shades possess conical shapes but have curved, sloping sides made using various discrete panels. These panels seamlessly come together going up and down the Lamp shade. The bell lamp shades are mostly preferred for traditional décor having a classic look. Bell-shaped lamps emit light from the upper surface of the shade and are able to disperse more light from their bottom. Due to its curved contours, bell lamp shades more often than not are made of softer materials, such as linen, silk or shantung. 

So try these lamp shades at least once and feel the remarkable change that it brings to your interiors.    

2. Empire Lamp Shades

Empire Lamp shades look equally great and flaunt the same shape, i.e. conical. In this type of Lamp shade, you’d find a small diameter at the crown and a bigger diameter in the bottom. These are quite multipurpose Lamp shades which can be used with almost all styles and shapes of lamp bodies. So empire Lamp shades are an ideal pick whatever décor style your house may have. Another important thing which you should note is that empire lamp shades effuse more light from their bottom and very less from their crown. These are the most popular choices of people as they are again compatible with several different lamp bases and are pocket friendly in nature. 

However, understand that these empire shades are ideally meant for desk lamps and especially when you want to do some reading on your bedside. 

3. Drum Lamp Shades


Drum Lamp shades have cylinder-like shapes with identical diameters for their top and bottom. These shades will lend your lamp a modern flair and look awesome with rounded vase-like lamps, in particular. However, you can also try these with candlestick-shaped bodies which are thin. Drum lamp shades are also no less versatile and interestingly can be used either as a floor, table or hanging lamp shade. If you love to flaunt unusual styles then drum lamp shades are for you and you can have them all in your home.

They will be compatible with all types of décor, viz. traditional, contemporary, eclectic, Moroccon, etc. Drum lamp shades effuse equal light from their top and bottom and just bear in mind that the funnel of light varies based on the altitude to width ratio. The longer your drum shade is; the narrower its light funnel will be.    

4. Square and Rectangle Lamp shades       

Square and rectangle Lamp shades are often made of either of the following shapes, viz. cubical or pyramid. These Lamp shades are considered ideal for console or side tables where there is not much space. Because Lamp shades help in building an ambiance, these are a way to create personal expression. So buy the ones that best reflect your personality and make you feel joyous within your home interiors. Since square Lamp shades, in particular, stand out from the rest of the styles, they lend an extra bit of style to your home space.     

You can choose from ample variety available in market in terms of sizes, colors and designs to complement your home interiors. Now lighting up your home with luxe and fancy Lamp shades are quite possible that to without making a hole in your pocket. It’s a quick and easy way to upgrade the look of your room and add more grace to the décor of your home. So let’s try it and see the amazing transformation that takes over!

5. Coolie Lamp shade


Coolie Lamp shades bear a symbolic reference of the Vietnamese farmers who used to wear hats and the lamps quite resemble these. You’d find these lamps narrow from the top having a much broader bottom. This is the reason why the corners of the shades are greatly slanted. These shades are specifically designed for task lighting lamps.    

So bring home this Lamp shade and give your room an out-of-the-box look in no time. For an eternally classic look, try the Coolie Lamp shade in Off-White or White poly-cotton and it will instantly transform your present lamp owing to its flawless lines and matching self-trim. At best, you can place these Lamp shades in your living area or bedroom.   

After having learnt about the types of Lamp shades, let’s discover what all materials are used for making these Lamp shades: 

1. Glass Lamp Shades  

The lamp shades made using glass are quite popular amongst the buyers, especially those who are looking for antique options in lighting. Imagine your home beautified with different styles and colors of glass lamps! Isn’t it splendid, for it will fill your space with a vivid array of colors and leave the onlooker spellbound? 

You can buy Tiffany-styled lamps to create one-of-a-kind look in comparison to other lamps. Please note that glass Lamp shades really complement traditionally decked up rooms and result in giving an overall vintage feel. 

2. Fabric Lamp Shades

In fabric lamp shades, the most sought after options are cotton, linen and silk lamp shades. You can find a wide spectrum of hues and patterns in these lamp shades to match the interiors of your home. One classic way to do it is by picking up white, pleated lamp shades and then pairing them with any fabric of your choice. But make sure that whatever fabric you choose should have a lively pattern which easily gets fit in your home’s contemporary décor style. On the contrary, there are even Black lamp shades too that look extremely elegant and usually go well with any color scheme of your home.  

3. Metal Lamp Shades

Wondering whether these lamp shades will look good in your home space or not? Then, let us tell you that this type of lamp shade is specifically meant for an industrial décor. However, there are also such homes that have incorporated industrial theme as their décor style as in exposed brick like structures and metallic finishes elements can be seen as the pre-dominant elements. Besides, metal lamp shades really complement the look at such places, so you can choose such finishes like gold, chrome and copper to achieve desired results.

Just remember that it’s the tendency of metal lamp shades that they don’t effuse much light and so are considered the best options for your bedside table or living room when you need subdued lights and not bright ones.

4. Paper Lamp Shades  



Paper Lamp Shades, as can be evinced from the name itself, though are lightweight and thin, but you can find an ample variety of shades in this type of lamp shade. The most popular option in this is a natural parchment lamp shade, which works as a perfect piece of art within the home space. And since paper can both be printed as well as painted with different and unique designs, the final result that you get is a fascinating lamp shade whose beauty is worth to behold while it is being lit up in your room. Some paper lamps in fact lend an Asian-inspired charisma to a room whereas others are truly meant for rustic set ups.    

So these are the different styles of lamp shades that can transform your space tremendously. The effects that these lamps leave, vary from dramatic to soothing and it all depends on what you want to achieve. The most perfect choice of a lamp shade would be when it not only goes well with your lamp, but also gets well-merged with the surroundings and enhances its beauty. It’s the color and style of a lamp that dictate both the look of a lamp and its light diffusion ability. Mentioned below are some important points at a glance:

  Style of a lamp determines the type of shade

  Always make sure to keep the shade size and style in concomitance with your lamp

  Changing of shade can change the appeal of your lamp

  Lighter shades diffuse more light 

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