Last Minute Suggestions for getting your Abode Ready for the Celebrations

 Are you planning to host a houseful in the holiday break or for that last-minute weekend get together?  If that’s the case, then it might be nerve-racking for you and of course a true art layout.

Whether you are hosting dinner for the guests, throwing a cocktail party for the annual holidays or having outsider visitants to spend a night at your home, you may feel a bit staggered. However, with a little planning and inspiration you can get your residence ready for your family and friends.

Here are a few no sweat tips to get your home ready in no time –  

Supplementary Chairs for Dining Room




Most of the homes do not have a huge dining set up. Due to which, dinner parties and holidays seem to be quite challenging as you require extra seating at the table. For complementing the space, there are several new chic options that will actually look lovely (and can even be used as permanent seating arrangements). Lucite is considered to be the most preferred material for the seats, adding a trace of glam to the entire room. Some innovative plastic styles also come in vibrant shades to make the room pop up with life!

Bag Some Space

If your living room or similar areas allow for extra space, then consider dropping a leaf table or importing a small dining for the room. This idea works very well and leaves a great hunch on the guests. Setting up an extra table for the kids might also be a fascinating idea for spare spaces. You can also set up a bar area in your dining room if there is a scope for some space. This will surely amaze your guests with your unique décor sense and style!

Guest Bedroom Spadework

Guest bedroom must be a breathing space for the visiting friends and family. Some of the requisites are clean sheets, a water bottle, scented candle and bedside reading. The guest bedroom needs to have additional seating too for relaxing, sitting, reading or laying some clothes. If the bathroom is not accessible then there needs to be ample lighting like nightlight or hall lamp to usher the way. Special considerations for the comfort of the guests must be given such as additional beddings, refreshments, sheets etc. should be included.

Loads of Seating in the Living Room

Extra seating options apart from the sofas and lounges might get you ready to serve the visitor friends and family. These include ottomans and poufs which also be easily moved around in spaces where they are required. Oversized and cushy pillows can also be used to accommodate bodies if the guest list has more young adults and kids. These options can be clustered together in a circle or similar arrangements so that everybody has an easy access to the gift or meal opening ceremony.

Go Green and fresh with plants and flowers

Give your home an organic feel by adding fresh flowers and greenery to the interiors. This instantly adds texture and color to the home while proffering a pleasant smell all around. Dining table and entryway can be utilized for adding branches or floral arrangements to make the home feel festive and cozy. The mantel or banister can be draped softly with garland or it can also be hanged around the art work. This way you can manage to make your home look elegant quickly without spending a bomb on the makeover!

Add Bar stools to the Kitchen




Bar stools are affordable additions to the modular kitchen area. They buoy up visitors and the inhabitants to join you while cooking and have a good time! They come up with a lot of styles like with or without back, swivel tops etc. It must be made sure that these center pieces must be comfortable for the guests. Choosing the stools in contrasting color or style to the kitchen décor will endanger an eclectic look to the whole space while providing a seating arrangement for the guests.

Blend Vintage and Modern Together

We always look for excuses to pull out our silver’s and china’s and the best time to take our dinner wares out is during the holidays. Do not get frantic and mix and match patterns and styles to give your dining table a stupefying look. Vintage pieces and family heirlooms can be mixed with the modern dinnerware to give the table a different style and personality.

Prioritize on the exteriors

Concentrating only on the interiors will not do. When preparing for holiday celebrations, one needs to be immersed to the exteriors as well. The door, driveway and sidewalks needs to be focused upon as ‘First impression is always the last impression’. The entryway must be spick and span to leave a mark on the guests. You can also decorate the exteriors in basic yet classic interior designs for a visual appeal so that the visitors stop over and praise upon your sense of style.

Redefine the curtains

Curtains are essential interior decorating elements of the house. Choice of the curtains, give an idea about the entire home décor. It must be ensured that these window treatments are designed with latest fabrics and hot colors. Jewel tones are highly trending nowadays. They look fabulous and give a sophisticated look to the room. If you are not willing to spend bugs on window treatments, then you must get them laundered and cleaned out before inviting your family and friends.

Style up with Rugs and Runners




There is a variety of carpets, area rugs and runners available for every corner of the house. Besides keeping the flooring clean from dusty footprints and tiny spots, these trendy floor options look flashy as well. Choosing the right size, color and texture of the runners also affects their layout in the room. Therefore, it is always a better idea to plump for vibrant colors and kindred textures for giving a chic factor to the room. These flooring options are the cut-rate options for redesigning the living room, bedroom, dining room,modular  kitchens and even bathrooms





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