Know some chief interior designing tips by the experts

Interior designing is one of the most researched topics on search engines.  Interior designing is something very peculiar and it's a fantasy of everyone to have dream interior in their house.  Isn’t it?

There's nothing so tough to make your home look beautiful, spacious and welcoming. There is a perception in many people’s mind that interior designing is all about latest design trends!  But in order to make your living space tremendously beautiful and appealing, you have to be brave enough to do what you love and not what is in trend.

Make your home a perfect reflection of its family members. Don't bother much about what others will think, just surround yourself with the things that will make you feel positive, happy and relaxed at the same time. There should be synergy between your interior designs and your tastes.




One can easily style his interiors using a low budget designer wallpaper or with an expensive styling vibrant lighting or with the help of furniture etc. but whatever your budget is and whatever your interior designing ideas are, make sure that you follow the below mentioned little expert advices. Whether you are about to renovate your space or moving to a new place, these tips are shared by the industry leaders and will surely help you. And the best thing is that these steps require minimal effort and cost. So read on and have a look at these small things that can make a great impact.

·         Proper use of light colors

In order to maximize the compact space, make sure that you paint the smaller rooms with lighter colors which will automatically make the small rooms feel larger. The darker colors will always make a room feel smaller. So keep this tip in mind before you head towards those paint brushes.

·         Use of Mirrors

Using mirrors is also an excellent way to make your room appear bigger than it actually is because mirrors will reflect the natural light coming inside the room through windows or doors. You can also use decorative mirrors to fill the empty wall spaces.

·         Mix it up

Another thing that you can do is mixing up of various patterns and textures. No matter, whether they are old or new, costly or inexpensive. Your interior is something that reflects your style and your personality; therefore you can easily use the antique furniture or desk that can reflect your past and your feelings towards your grandparents. At the same time, you can use a modern couch that will surely reflect your present scenario and this is the reason interior designers recommend the mixing up of past and present themes. Play the game of giving look to old things or by mixing both the old and new ideas.

·         Go green

The best you can do with your living place is addition of plants. No matter your room is small in size or spacious, you can add plants to every room. This is one of the most inexpensive means of decorating the house and at the same time you are making the air of your house free of the pollutants. As per the interior designers, no house should be deprived of the beautiful plants.

·         Decorate your bookcases

 Bookcases are often left ignored and untouched and can therefore make your room look dull. So pop it up using colors and paints. It will surely brighten your bookcases as well as your room. So get them painted or you can even use a wallpaper to make your simple looking, ordinary bookcase look energized.

·         Pillow equations

Don’t mistreat those pillows on your couch!! Yes, make sure the pillows that you are placing on your couch are at the corners and have Bolt patterns. Coordinating the colour of your pillow with the colour of the room or your couch is one of the wise decisions that you can make while designing your room. You can also add up lumbar pillow to make the couch look balanced.

·         Right placement of artworks

If you want to do right justice to those antique elegant looking art works then, make sure you place them at the proper height. People hang their artworks too high but you keep this tip in mind and always place the bottom of your painting only 3 to 7 inches above your furniture. It also depends upon the dimensions of your artwork piece, but if you will leave too much space between your painting and furniture then, the blank wall between these two will look weird.

Also, try to place your paintings or artworks around one or two spots only. Don’t worry about placing something on each wall.




·         Don't ignore the front door

We all know that the first impression is the last impression, therefore to make a great first impression of your house make sure that you paint the front door nicely. Go for red, dark brown, yellow or orange etc. as per your taste. Choose a color that associates with warmness and joy.

·         Let the Sun come in

It is very essential to let some sun rays enter your room.  So have a bank of windows in your room. Choose the colors, fabrics of the drapes according to that. Go for the cotton or silk drapes because they hang well than any other fabric.

·         Dining tables with proper measurements

Before you buy a dining table think of the availability of the space in your room. Is it tight on space? Or have abundant space to buy a bigger dining table? And also make sure that you go for a roundtable with no edges, it will make the small room feel like a big one.

·         Place things wisely

 If you are decorating a small room, then make sure that you don't put everything on the floor because it will make the room appear smaller than it actually is. So use the wall space and get those wall mounted fittings done.

·         Proper lighting

To give your house a good ambience, work properly on the lamps that can make your room look stunning.  Lighting can either make or break your place because there are many things that matter when it comes to lighting including the brightness, textures, shape of the lamp, bulb type etc. All the aspects have their own importance. One can follow a simple technique of always having a dimmer switch in the room so that you can easily change the amount of light as per your needs.

Using these designing formulas and tips will definitely make the best out of your home and will also make it more beautiful at the same time.

Whenever you move to a new place, make sure that you talk to your friends or relatives that can offer you best interior designing advice and also you can search online for the tips and tricks to get a new designing scheme for your new house. You will see a lot of inspiration around the internet from where one can get an idea for any home project. But if you are stuck with something and you are not able to make a decision, then taking advice from interior designers or interior experts will be the best option. They will guide you properly by keeping in mind both the aspects of functionality and practicality.




So the bottom line is; don’t forget that flowers, plants, accessories can bring life to any room, therefore always keep a little of your budget reserved for these final finishing touches otherwise your place will look just like a showroom and not a living room. 





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