Kitchen Islands for Small Kitchens

A Kitchen Island is very useful for storage purposes, but figuring out how to fit the island in small kitchens can be a bit of a headache. The following are some ideas to help you decide:

• Take a clear idea of your kitchen-size, because the kitchen island will have to be chosen accordingly.

• Next, the size of the island should be such that it does not interrupt your work and lets you move around.

• It is advisable to place the island in the centre of the kitchen.

A useful idea is to have a two-in-one island where the other half is the dining area.

• The chairs used while dining should be moveable so that they can be removed while cooking.

Installation of an island in a small kitchen is sensible only when it is useful, that is, if it solves storage issues. Hence, your kitchen island should have storage space, such as drawers, hooks, or shelves.

• Visual space will appear less cluttered if the shelves in your island are open instead of closed.

• You could also use a rolling cart as a kitchen island, or an island with wheels; these can be easily moved away and placed back again as and when you need.

• For a narrow space, use an elongated kitchen island.

An elongated kitchen island can also help in multiple people to cook simultaneously there or to seat multiple people for dining.

• A butcher block serves the twofold purpose of chopping and casual dining area.

Another idea for storage in the kitchen island is to have drawers in the upper part and a large open shelf in the lower. 

A good option for storing goods is to use a suitable cabinet for the purpose of the kitchen island, a cabinet that has a large number of drawers or shelves.

• Wire compartments in the kitchen island also serve as a good storage option.

• A drop-leaf table is excellent for a kitchen island for small kitchen, because it saves space as you can fold it down when not needed.
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