Is Orange The New Black How to incorporate Orange in your home decor

Orange has taken over the fashion world as the new black and has proved to be a major trend on the runways across the world. You too can incorporate this red carpet trend in your home decor as using the color orange not only infuses your home with warmth and energy but it also helps make a chic and trendy decor statement. Here are a few simple ways to incorporate the many different hues of orange in your home decor:

1) Pair it with a neutral palette

This is a safe way to incorporate a bold color such as orange into the home decor. You can have a neutral palette as the base of your home decor and then add orange accents and bursts of color throughout each room.


2) Play with furnishing

This is probably the safest (and cheapest) way to incorporate new trends in your home decor. You can just use the various hues of orange in your bedspreads, cushion covers and other furnishing around the house.


3) Brighten up your kitchen

A kitchen does not always have to be dull and dreary with boring colors. You can infuse some fun into your kitchen by using bold colors such as orange. Combine this with white cabinets and you can have a trendy kitchen that you will enjoy working in.

orange in your home decor


4) Accent Walls

Combine two trends of accent walls and the color orange to make a chic statement for your house. Accent walls help provide a focal point to your home and help break up the traditional look of having four walls that are painted in the same color.

Accent Walls

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