How to Design an Ergonomic Kitchen

Today, we start a series of the most crucial aspect of interior design which sometimes takes a backseat in our indian home designs – “Ergonomics”

Any clue what is it about? Read on to know more ….

What is Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the art of using furniture, workplace tools and the environment in a way that reduces the risk of discomfort or injury:

• Designing equipment and systems so that they are easy to use as much as possible and less likely to cause damage to the homeowner when used.

• Designing equipment and organising the layout of the home so that the body’s posture is improved and the load on the body is reduced.

• Designing the environment so that lighting and temperature are at optimal levels.

To be ergonomic, a home design must:

• Fit the user

• Be easy to use

• Improve comfort

• Improve performance (speed, accuracy, reliability)

• Improve health & safety



source: albydapress

Here are some simple techniques to help make your house comfortable as well as beautiful. We begin with the most important area in our home . . . the modular kitchen.


A kitchen needs to be functional and pleasing.

The ‘Kitchen Work Triangle’ consists of three main sites:

• Refrigerator for storing

• Sink for cleaning foodstuff and utensils

• The stove and counter for chopping and cooking

Each leg of the triangle should be between 4 and 9 feet. Keeping these three sites comfortably close will ensure you don't have to move around too much which slows you down. An island works well for big kitchens while small ones should be planned in a U or L shape.

The height of the kitchen work counter from the floor, as per Indian conditions should not be greater than 33 inches. Similarly, the top height of overhead cabinets is optimum at 6’-6”.
Let us know if you have any queries on ‘How to Design an Ergonomic modular Kitchen’ for your home.


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