How interior designing can bring positivity in your home

Are you looking forward for purchasing a new house or want to give a fantastic look to the old one?

In both the cases, it is the right place where you will find the best ways to revamp your place.  We usually spend a lot of money on revamping our homes or office places, but it is in vain if we do not get positive vibes from it. Imagine, if your bedroom has an interior which is against the Vastu guidelines then, it will surely deteriorate the health of its people.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in turning on the fortunes. Due to the proven results of Vastu Shastra, people believe that constructing their offices and homes as per the rules and guidelines of Vastu Shastra is beneficial for them and brings luck towards them. Basically, Vastu Shastra is the science of building temples, forts, houses, and offices etc. to bring fortune for its residents.

Interior designing is concerned with windows, doors, furniture, lighting, walls, finishes etc. These various aspects of a space are handled by the professional interior designers who can create a beautiful-looking, safe, aesthetical, functional space for the users. The main objective of using Vastu Shastra is to bring together the magnetic fields and gravitational effects in order to bring harmony, peace, and positivity in the place by invoking the blessings of gods of directions.




To bring harmony in one's life, Vastu Shastra makes the use of five basic elements of nature including fire, air, earth, water, and space.  If you want to open the doors of fortune by making arrangements of interior designing through Vastu then, have a look at the following principles, guidelines, and tips that can bring health, wealth, and overall happiness for you and your family members or business.

Vastu tips for rooms

These some of the important principles of Vastu are recommended by the expert interior designers for the rooms in a house and are proven to be beneficial for a building and its inhabitants.

o   The kitchen is one of the main sections of any building. As per the Vastu Shastra, modular kitchen’s best location is the south-east corner, but if you are facing scarcity of land then it may become difficult for you to have a kitchen in the south-east direction. In such situations, when you cannot locate your kitchen in the southeast corner then, it is recommended that you do the internal layout of the kitchen as per the Vastu guidelines. Now you might be wondering about internal layouts of the kitchen?? Let’s have a look –

a)- Keep the sink in the North East corner of the modular kitchen

b)- Place the cylinder in the south-east corner.

c)- Electronic gadgets should remain in the southern area and the cooking platform should be towards the Eastern side of the kitchen.

o   The entrance of the house should be in the north or east direction in order to bring in the congruence, prosperity, and luck into the house.

o   If you are planning to have an extra room in your house; then make sure that it lies in the northwest or east direction. This way the guest will bring along the happiness into your house and will stay comfortably in your guest room.

o   The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house which should be positioned in South-west, west or south direction of the house in order to bring synchronization and love in relationships and other personal connections.

o    In today's era, it is very imperative to have a study room for the children where they can easily read, learn and study. Experts suggest the construction of the study room for children in the east or north side in order to increase their concentration and focus. Make sure that you use colors like light yellow, pink, white to bring positive energies and vibrations into that study room.

o    Don't forget that the living area must be in the east, northeast or north direction.

Vastu tips for interior

Sometimes the situation arises that a person living in a Vastu-based house also faces a lot of problems, in such cases it is important to get interiors done through Vastu Shastra guidelines and within the passage of time, you will surely see positive results in your house.

  Apart from the location and placement of the rooms make sure that you have installed the vastu-friendly interior that can create a perfect positive environment inside the premises to attain good, health, wealth and harmony. If you have an anti-Vastu interior designing, then it will surely bring bad luck, sadness, grief and will make your place look dull. In order to avoid these negativities make sure that you follow Vastu Shastra that covers everything starting from the positioning of things to the placement of furniture and other valuables. 


o   Statues and paintings play a crucial role in decorating the space, but if you want to spread positivity and contentment in your house, always avoid displaying the pictures of war or any other negativity. Always keep peaceful paintings comprising of calm colors and images to bring positivity into your place.

o   Colors of curtains are usually in contrast with the other designs or background of a room, but make sure that when it comes to a bedroom, you use light color curtains. Use red and black color curtains in the living room only.

o   These days use of mirrors has become a trend and so the Proper placement of mirrors is very crucial. It helps in bringing positive vibrations whereas if you will use the mirrors in a wrong way at inappropriate places then, it will make the building void of all the positive energies. Therefore use mirrors in North or East facing so that negative vibes are flushed out of the building. Don’t use a mirror in the front of the bed as it may bring disagreement and miscommunication between the couple.

o   Plants are very popular in every home decoration and therefore there are few plants like cactus and Bonsai which should be avoided. Not only these two, but any plant that oozes milky liquid should be avoided. Plants like Neem and Tulsi are good to be kept inside or around the house.

o   When it comes to the color of the paint, then as per Vastu Shastra the color of paint should be light green, pink, blue or any cream color for the rooms. Don’t use dark colors like red or black in the house!

o   Just like the color themes flooring also holds equal prominence. Wooden is considered to be the best flooring method. After wooden mosaic, clay and ceramic tiles can also be used.

o   Might be wondering about the ceiling? It is the easiest part!  All you need to take care of is that there should be no cutouts or plus-minus levels in the ceiling of your home.

o   Lightning of a house should be bright. Dim light is not favorable for bringing good luck into the house. Also place the lights and lamps very carefully so that when you write, the shadow of your head should not fall on the paper.

o   Make sure that you do not place the heavy almirahs facing the north direction because it is a bad sign. Also, the Reception area should be located in the North- Eastern part of the office and receptionist should also sit facing the east or north direction.

o   It is always lucky to place aquarium having goldfish and a black fish in the house or in the office to bring good luck and charm.

o   Don't have a toilet or a water tap in the center of the house because it is believed that if it is present there, it will drain all the wealth from the house. Also, make sure that you do not let a tap left unrepaired.

Interior designersstrive hard to make the interior of a house or a commercial place, elegant and beautiful so that the interior reflects positive vibes. Sometimes some interiors look beautiful but do not promote the growth of the business. this occurs due to the anti-Vastu techniques used in that place, which can result in the downfall of a business and can spoil the health of its inhabitants or workers.




Therefore, Vastu Shastra should be a part of your discussion while getting the drawings of your interior done! If you care to change your future then try these Vastu directions and remove the negativity from your premises. You can also take the help and guidance of the highly experienced and scientific interior designers, who have core knowledge of Vastu and can advise you well.






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