How do we organize a healthy lifestyle in small residential complexes

Large residential complexes come with a certain bouquet of facilities which smaller residential blocks do not enjoy. For this reason, it is of utmost importance for the residents to come together and organize themselves to get the full benefits of a good and healthy life. Some of those aspects are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Global warming is a known universal truth these days to all educated and youngsters who are informed. Likewise, people have started opting for pollution free zones, over-populated zones, well organized residential complexes. But the more finicky a customer gets, the less he wants to spend on his home. This can tax him heavily in terms of health and prosperity.

The priority for health begins with the living room which need not be close to the kitchen or store room or even the work area which pollutes the air. The distance that separates the kitchen from the bedrooms keeps the house healthier in terms of clean air inlets that also keeps the air less toxic. Likewise, there should be a safe distance between the washrooms and the other usable areas in the house. 





  • A minimum of 10 feet away from the work area, garage, carpentry business, paints/varnish used often can cause breathing difficulty
  • Cross ventilation can reduce the possibility of falling ill often
  • The upholstery can be dusted regularly and cushions can be exposed to the sun to avoid fungal infections
  • Bedroom furniture can be revamped regularly to be done with termites, leaky indoors, mites hidden in rugs etc.

A small family can reduce expenses and live healthy

These days the urban life has been very magnetic to youngsters. This gives every individual to be actively exposed to public places like a café, market, a cinema hall or even the school/college campus. Not many can avoid such exposure because even being in an office can dangerously expose people to unhygienic surroundings.


  • The ideal way to steer away from crowded areas is to  visit a small park even if it is for a few minutes





  • The tiny restaurants or wayside eateries can offer an unclean place to breathe. So opting for a congenial place that suits the pocket must be encouraged
  • Dabbling with indoor games like billiards, a game of cards or playing Nine pins will draw out a lot of energy if these spaces are located in basements
  • Children’s park if maintained properly portends good environment for health.

Yes, the idea sounds good but of late a lot of averse trends are noticed in children’s parks.

  • Unwanted vendors selling eatables quite unhealthy
  • Small shops that spring up in the evenings to sell toys
  • Walking pets in parks is very unsuitable for kids in the park
  • The stationary equipment like swings and slides are overcrowded with big kids or adults
  • An ideal park should prohibit the entry of adults
  • A toy house can encourage toddlers to mingle with kids of the same age
  • Clean toilets or counters to provide clean drinking water are indicators of good health.

People assembling in and around children’s park must take a holistic view of the entire concept of providing a healthy environment to children. A public grievance cell can be set up at such venues to help improve the required facilities in parks. Due to unforeseen happenings in and around cities the security aspect also plays a vital role. Like also, the importance of waste management and water conservation which includes rain harvesting as storage of the precious resource.

The residential complexes in the making these days are finalizing special facilities for kids in the complex, like a park swimming pool , a common play area that facilitates all kids.

Health and sanitation play a very important role in the well-being and happiness of an individual and hence the society at large. In order to achieve this, it is essential for all the stakeholders to take active interest and participate in providing a healthy environment for people living in society.

Metros like Delhi generally have Resident Welfare Associations who are tasked with several responsibilities. Primary among these responsibilities is the provision of clean surroundings and enough greenery around the housing complexes.

There is a scope for united ventures as it would be futile to depend only on the government agencies to clean up the society complexes of health hazards. Fumigation on a regular basis is very essential and it would be the duty of every RWA to ensure that full benefit of such fumigation is obtained.

Health Inspection

To ensure good health among citizens it is necessary for the local health authorities to provide regular door to door checks to prevent any illness/disease from spreading, causing a pandemic that grows to become an epidemic. Awareness camps can help in making the old and children cautious about the prevailing infectious diseases. Not to instil fear but prevention is better than cure.

Materials used for construction must be of fairly superior quality, this will help in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Residential complexes sponsored by high-end builders do ensure superior quality but these days the required standards are not met with. This is clearly evident as expressed by residents who have lived abroad and then if they relocate to India the difference is clearly distinguished by them. In fact in developed countries the optimal standard is met with so that clean and hygienic conditions attract citizens who are civic conscious. This entails less anxiety about living conditions and reduces the probability of illnesses acquired through exposure to bad air and surroundings. Density of population adds to a claustrophobic environment that endangers health.

Spacious residential complex

Man being a social animal does look for company that not only socializes but he can expect a befitting social service that exists/ sprouts in the neighbourhood that imparts a better quality of life and not mere existence. An example of this can be found in the housing complexes of several developed countries where the community strives to provide these requirements to its residents, especially to the children and the seniors who are most vulnerable to health risks. Community centres are expected to gather initiative to provide proper decent living conditions that adhere to culture and style. Make every human relevant to create a positive outlook.

A water body like a small tank or a swimming pool in the residential complex not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also is a source of recreation/sport. Potted plants around the periphery of the pool/tank would help in increasing the content of oxygen in the air and keep pollution at bay.

Another important feature of a residential complex which has balconies in every flat should be the provision for keeping at least a few potted plants. This would of course, mean that the residents must also take care that insects do not infest the place and create problems for both the flat owners and the neighbours as well.

Community centres should not merely serve as a ‘get-together’ place but also as one that serves the larger interest by fostering a spirit of camaraderie and good relations and provides for facilities/services such as:

  • A crèche or day-care centre for kids needing them, especially  those with working mothers
  • Professionals living in the residential complex who can provide services by devoting a certain number of hours at frequent intervals at the centre
  • These professionals could be teachers/professors willing to contribute time to the youth who can benefit from the knowledge of the teachers
  • They could also be medical practitioners who could provide assistance to the residents in immediate/first-aid care and spread awareness of health issues
  • Social work professionals who could render assistance to the youth who are going through problems in life by providing counseling sessions
  • Those who are trained in physical fitness should contribute their time and energy to help other residents to keep fit and strong
  • Those who have strengths in activities like swimming should encourage the youngsters to take up swimming


  • Weekend activities should be encouraged for the residents as this could be a very good forum for interaction among the residents so that they could collectively benefit from the knowledge and expertise of others living in the residential complex. 






Now a word about the importance of health care to improve lifestyle in our cities. Many cities in India are currently facing the outbreak of dengue and chikungunya and medicare is in short supply leading to tremendous hardship. One is reminded of the detection of a single case of the dreaded E-bola virus in the United States and the way the authorities galvanized all available forces into action to prevent it becoming a pandemic/endemic. The place was quarantined and the affected persons were kept in isolation/detention in a special health care facility. Frequent bulletin were released to the media and the public was assured that the patient was safe and the disease was unlikely to spread. This gave a lot of assurance to the general public and showed the concern of the government. Such an emergency response facility is required in every society to check the spread of disease and to create awareness of health related issues. The excuse that a poor and under developed or developing society cannot afford these does not hold water because eventually we will end up paying much more towards the treatment of the disease. If the problems were detected early and outbreak of the disease was prevented, it would have just cost a fraction of what an epidemic would cost.




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