Give Your Home a Musical Makeover

If you love music and everything associated with it, we have good news for you! While there exists no dearth of musical themes to consider while decorating your home, we present you some ideas to bring your passion to your favourite place. Being a homeowner gives you the opportunity to paint your canvas the way you like. Ask yourself – wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of your love for music every time you step into your home?






We know you will love that feeling and thus we have decided to present some ideas to musically make-over your abode! From classical to contemporary interior design, whatever be your taste in music, we have got you covered with some of the coolest, freshest and interesting musical ideas for your home. Ready to breathe new life into your old space, read on to get started -



1)    Musical Ideas for Bedroom - From painting the walls to changing the bed sheets, one can entirely customize the look of their bedroom based on their musical preferences. As the bedroom is often the most comfortable and most lived corner in a home, one can really change the styles to make the decor more comfortable and chic. You can also choose to place a musical instrument in your bedroom to add authenticity and sheen. Accessorize your bedroom with vinyl shaped clocks, curtains, record players, music posters and paintings and cushions with album art.  You can also decorate your bedroom with music stands and tapered shelves and maintain your collection of album using them. Another great addition to your bedroom Interior decor is lamps with musical prints and patterns.






These ideas will give a unique touch to your bedroom while adding an unmistakable charm and élan. If you are wondering where to shop for fun and quirky home decor items like these, you can refer to online websites. Some people also like to add their name on the walls or ceilings in illuminated letters, although it is a bit over-the-top for some but it does adds a rustic and weathered look to your space. Another addition to the list of ideas is mural decoration in silhouettes due to their subtle style and simplicity. Quotes related to music are a great way to appreciate your love for the art and work perfectly to express your feelings as well whilst being decorative.






As bedroom is a place to enjoy reading before dozing off, don’t forget to include music magazines to express your admiration and give a unique charm to the room. You may also decorate your bedroom with ceiling lights to add a stunning look to it. If you incorporate the above ideas in your bedroom, you are bound to win the adulation of onlookers with your unique sense of arts and appreciation!


2)    Musical Ideas for Kitchen – Want to cook some great ideas to revamp your Modular kitchen? Well for starters, you can go with music theme based hooks and stands. Album art based spoon holders, bowls and retro glasses are also a simple and DIY way of adding musicality in your Modular kitchen decor. If you have old musical instruments with you, you can also utilize them to turn into a wall clock, coffee table or vase. Painting your kitchen shelves with music quotes can also add extra oomph and zing to your boring old space in no time! To keep your kitchen organized with all these musical decor stuff, it is important to understand the possibilities and limitations of your space before you begin to decorate. Mix and match the colour schemes with the kitchen counters to further accentuate your decor and add a personalized touch to your cooking corner of the house. Musical notes are a simple and minimalistic way to give your space a refined vintage look.  Use old hymn pages and sheets of music and roll it in a vase to give a contemporary outlook to your kitchen. One can also incorporate tissue boxes and table napkins for everyday use. Kitchen mats are also a fun way to revamp your decor without spending a bomb on it. Serve the food you cook on handcrafted musical trays and boards. If you have the option for placing curtains in your kitchen, you can give the heart of your home a complete makeover by choosing music themed curtains based on your preferred genre or style.





Adding table stools with musical prints and paints is a refreshing means to remodel your kitchen as per your musical interests. Of course, one should not overlook the importance of colours, paint finishes and musical motifs to create a lasting impression on everyone who steps into your kitchen and asks what’s cooking!


3)    Musical Ideas for Living Room – A living room is a perfect space to relax and unwind after a day at work. From traditional and minimalistic ideas to extravagant and splendorous, there are many ways to enjoy a musical makeover for your living room. Glam it up with trendy sofa designs that reek of musical patterns and textures on their exterior. Match your cushions with the musical motifs of your living room. You can also place an instrument like piano to add grandeur to your space. Pair it up with traditional antique vases and music themed articrafts for a holistic approach towards redefining your living room musically.  Balance out the colours with the lights and shadows in your living room to add a aesthetics. Mix different textures with floorings and ceilings using musical themes and patterns to reflect sense and purpose.




As the living room is always full of space, you can include your collection of records and albums along with music players and home entertainment means to enjoy music. Make sure to dedicate a separate space to them and give it a strong colour scheme as it will helps to distinguish it from other elements of a living room. If you wish for a tranquil living room space, opt for monotonic colours and paint schemes. Some people also like to turn their living room entirely into a music room which is a brilliant idea in itself! Choosing laminate floors and ceilings will help to reverberate sound and give you better acoustics if you are too picky about your living room sound. Sofas, chairs, drapes and scatter cushions are great means to add a musical ambience to your living room and they can be easily moved around whenever required.  Wall mounted vinyl shelf can be used for storing magazines.




You can also add a lighting rig or a chandelier in your living room to voice out your love for music in the loudest way possible! The walls can be painted to suit your preferences and paintings can be included to surround the walls and giving them an artistic essence. Concrete floorings also go well with the living room decor if you plan to keep the space busy with a lot of stuff. For karaoke fans, you can also include a microphone cum table lamp in your living room.  If you have a prized collection of musical instruments, go all ahead and display them on the walls of your living room, you can either keep them naked or frame them as well. If you wish to display memorabilia like musical events and concert tickets, you can pick up a ticket diary to document everything you’ve been part of throughout the years.


We hope these ideas will help you to transform your home into a work of art. For the music lover in you, there exists no dearth of ideas to get inspired and revamp your beautiful home into something jazzy, rocking and rolling than before!  Making music in a house is a beautiful feeling and expressing the same is a revelation in itself. So what are you waiting for? By all means, get yourself started with these ideas and make your home come alive with music. Aim to squeeze the best of your musical tastes in the bedroom, kitchen and living room areas. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to experiment with textures, colour schemes and patterns. Add your own sense of style and personality to get a one-of-a-kind makeover for your home where visitors would love to immerse themselves in a musical experience from the get go.



As is the case with music, inspiration for home decor can strike anytime. If you notice an unusual pattern or design, don’t forget to try it out and see what works best for your individual tastes and preferences.  If you are wondering where to get unique and uncommon stuff to decorate your home musically, look for local listings and websites which are dedicated to selling cool and quirky stuff. Some departmental stores also house an eclectic mix of creative and matching accessories.  Flea markets and street vendors are also known to keep a treasure trove of unconventional and eccentric home decor items.

Do you have more musical ideas to share and style your home? Feel free to drop us a line below!







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