Five Mistakes Not to Make In Kitchen Design

The Kitchen - the essence of the house needs to be both beautiful and functional. However, when doing up the kitchen we often make small errors that cost us a lot in terms of design and functionality. We bring you a few modular kitchen design mistakes to avoid:

1) Improper Ventilation

This is the most important rule to remember when designing a modular kitchen - ensuring proper ventilation. Investing in a good quality range hood will help improve the quality of your indoor air and also help keep your kitchen cleaner by getting rid of stale air filled with food odors.


2) Omitting a Backsplash

A backsplash not only makes your kitchen look trendy, but it also creates a protective shield over the wall and prevents it from being damaged by spills and food splattering.


 Source: hollingsworthcabinetry

3) Too Little Countertop and Cabinet Space

In kitchens, especially Indian kitchen which see a lot of chopping and prepping, there is need for ample countertop space without which cooking becomes clumsy and complicated. Similarly having plenty of cabinet space allows for comfortable storage of spices and other necessary items.

4) Improper Lighting

A Kitchen needs a good mix of overhead and accent lighting. Skimping of either of these will not only effect the beauty of the modular kitchen, but can also be dangerous and a cause for many accidents.

5) Obstructing the kitchen triangle

The kitchen triangle is defined as the space that includes the stove, sink and refrigerator. This is the area that see’s the greatest activity and it is import to ensure that there is easy access to these areas without any obstruction. 


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by  Kapil Agarwal


Nice kitchen

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Nice kitchen

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