Colour Palette For Spring 2014

This spring’s colour palette is designed to suit different tastes and personalities! You can choose from warm, cool or neutral colours, and mix within the same sets of trending hues to create a refreshingly revitalizing combination that is unique to your character and home!






       springs-colour- palette-for-home

Colour of the year- Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid, as the name suggests, “radiates” energy. A powerful colour, it creates a magical balance between warm and cool- calming yet re-energizing. As it is strong and attractive to the eye, it would be wise to balance this colour with neutrals or lighter shades. Mixed with Violet Tulip and Paloma, one can visualise a gradual analogous scheme.


Sunny Shades

Celosia Orange and Freesia are warm, energetic colours ideal for brightening up your space. Cayenne, also warm and welcoming offers a more humble tone.


Between blues

This year’s colour scheme welcomes two very different blues, which can be used with each other or independently. Placid Blue is true to the name, invoking a calm and soothing ambience. Dazzling blue on the other hand is a bold choice that has good impact among softer tones.

          Dazzling-blue-for home

Humble hues

The remaining shades- Violet Tulip, Paloma, Sand and Hemlock are much softer colour tones and easy on the eyes. Sand and Paloma are closer to shades that are found in most furniture and can therefore easily be played with. Violet Tulip and Hemlock give a sense of elegance and taste, while proving to be a bold choice due to their rarity.




by Kapil Agarwal

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