Choose a lampshade that is right for your home – Part I

Selection of a lampshade may appear easy to you, but it’s not that easy as well. How? Let’s discover that! While buying the lampshade, a person should keep two most important things in his/her mind, i.e. the interiors of the room and the lampshade design. Clearly, it’s always a blend of both, i.e. natural and artificial lights which helps in illuminating the room and makes it look brighter and visible to the people around. By natural light, we of course mean the sunrays whereas artificial lights can be of many types, from lighting fixtures to lampshades, etc.

Out of many styles to choose from, the lampshade selection can become really tough and it is when we fail to consider the interior design of our home, we end up making a wrong selection and fail to realize which lampshade will work best for our home. If we travel back in time and unravel the design and craft of the ancient times, say Victorian we would realize that the lightings were quite elaborate in design and needless to mention expensive too. But with the gradual progression, technological advancements and innovation of new materials, the heavy and old lightings got replaced with more subtle design craft and light body materials to complement contemporary homes. Contemporary homes follow the most famous design mantra, i.e. where less is more, so now we have more affordable lighting and lampshades to light up our living space and other rooms.



These lights clearly have a majestic aura and whether you need it for the outdoor spaces or inside spaces, there is an overwhelming range available. From pendant lampshades that are hung atop your dining table to floor lamps that accentuate your study area, learn here some quick tips on how to make a selection of the perfect lampshade for your home:

1.     It’s very important to purchase a lampshade in concomitance with the color scheme of your home      

Whether it’s your bedroom, living room or any other room for that matter, pay careful attention to the details of your home, especially the color scheme. In case, you wish to make lights the centre of attention in your room, then it is recommended to go for bright lampshades which will stand out from the remaining facets of your room. However, conversely speaking if you want a more subtle piece of artwork, then you should go for neutral lightshades in lampshades.                     

2.    A lampshade is usually considered ideal when it has an apt combination for its base


There is no such thing called “Perfect” for a simple reason that an object which one person may find as perfect may be absolutely worthless for the other person. So it’s always subjective and based on the requirement and personal preferences of a buyer.  Don’t you agree? However, when it comes to the selection of lampshades, there are still some considerations which cannot be overlooked. For instance, consider the base of a lampshade before buying it. The selection of a base is more or less informed by how slender, tall or a broad lampshade you are going to buy. Remember that ideally a lampshade should have a base low enough to easily cover the switch, however not too low that you have to reach up the switch board with a lot of difficulty to light the lamp.     

3.    Learn how the lampshade will work for your home interiors  

Don’t get so absorbed in the aesthetics and looks of the lampshade that you forget to pay due attention to the space interiors in which it is going to get fit in. For instance, if you need a lampshade for your bedside table, then you can go for a lampshade with a smaller profile as mostly the chances are such that either there is a small table or not much space next to your bed to accommodate big lampshades. On the contrary, when it is about your living room then a floor lamp or recessed pendant lightings can be easily accommodated in wider spaces like your living room and can be placed next to your wingback chair. So are you up for it? Think about it!

4.    Go for a pendant lampshade that go well with the room

Pendant lampshades are the most popular choices of people when it comes to the selection of lightings.  You’d find ample designs in these lampshades which have evolved over the years. From broad profile lampshades with dynamic hues and large prints to compressed ones, which showcase minimal designs – there is no dearth of options available. Pendant lampshades help infusing a vibrant aura and substance to a place provided the light is placed well and if it’s a cluster of lights the effect is often tremendous.     

You can have anything from brisk task lighting shades to sultry mood lightning that are designed using different materials and exhibit different styles and colors. While buying one, just make sure that the interiors mimic the same style as that of the lighting fixture.

5.    Understand your need first, whether you want it purely for practical use, ambiance or both 

It is quite understood that every lampshade that we fix in our homes is not purely for practical use. While you’d still expect the lampshade to dispense some light from the bulb fixed in it to serve its use; the aesthetics of your lampshade as well as the shade color can bring a world of difference in your home. Imagine pervasive white décor elements in your home along with the lampshades! Wouldn’t the ambiance appear dull and uninteresting? On the contrary, you can safely vouch for light-colored shades for more dispersion of light and balance it with comparatively darker lampshades to create an ambiance or a mood within your space as and when you want it.     

6.    With fancy lampshades, you can create a style statement in your home

Before you purchase lampshades, try and devote a careful thought as to what you need it for. If you simply want to create a style statement in your room or would prefer lampshades to merge well with the interior of your home – take your call! Then, complement these lampshades with the most suitable fabrics and colors on the walls and also in terms of throw pillows, accent rugs, etc.      

7.    It’s also about the shape of your lampshade, choose it wisely

In case, there are already some lampshades installed in your home, but you are looking forward to replace them then consider different shapes that have caused a stir in the marketplace. From a cylinder/drum, empire, floor, coolie or the conventional bell-type – these are the most sought after options these days and can really create a great aesthetic presence amidst your home interiors. In fact, why don’t you seek advice from people who deal in the manufacturing of lampshades as they can help you in the selection and taking a more informed decision in terms of what shape and style of lampshade will fit in the interiors of your home well.   

8.    Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to selecting the right lampshade   

This is one of the most important factors which comes post the selection of lampshades. So you should make sure, before you go ahead to fix them, that there is a sufficient distance from the light bulbs because all light bulbs emit heat. There is a size harp to well adjust them onto the wall or wherever you choose to place them. The size harp is nothing but metal arms that typically extend from the body of the lamp to surround the lampshade. Another important way of adjusting the distance is by using fitters of different sizes that are fitted above the light bulb to make sure that the lampshade is safely installed and to prevent it from burning.     

9.    Buy lampshades for your home with an unconventional appeal

While selecting a lampshade keep in mind the room for which it is being needed as it can be for your dining room, bathroom, laundry room or even basement for that matter to create an aesthetic appeal which was missing earlier. Do you know what’s mostly in trend these days or have caught people’s attention? In contemporary homes, it’s the pendant drum lampshades that are being widely used to create a point of interest, particularly over a self-supported bathtub. Another suggestion from our side would be to hang chrome pendant lights or mesh pendant lights above your dining table to infuse a mesmerizing feeling. It’s all about selecting the right lampshade for a right place and this combination can actually make your space come alive.  So go and try it on your own!

10.  You can even get a customized look for your lampshade    



As the present times are all about tailor-made or personalized looks, our tastes are just getting better with times. If you have a creative genius within you then design your own lampshade using crocheted rosettes, ribbon, fabric or other embellishments that are easily found in your homes. Else, some creative ideas can be hunted on various popular sites, like Etsy, Pinterest, including other similar websites from where you’d love to steal the ideas and looks.

So get started!   







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