5 Things to Know about Decorating Kids room

Designing spaces for children is always difficult, as they can be notoriously fickle with their tastes and opinions. While you can pick themes/ looks for the rest of your house and stick to it for a good chunk of years, the same does not hold true with a kid’s room. Perfect today and out-dated tomorrow, a kid’s room is nevertheless sacrosanct to them; one of the few places they can actually call their own. The responsibility of such a space is immense, from functioning as a cocoon to retreat into to subsequently metamorphosing into a space that is playful and inspires creativity.

Balance Brights and Whites 

It is important for the space not to be dull, dreary or in any way reminiscent of a classroom. Save colours and patterns for the floor and furniture, keeping the ceiling and walls light and bright, without being too heavy on the texturing. This allows the spaces to feel less claustrophobic, and morose. 

Warm with Whimsy

Every kids room deserves a dash of a whimsy; a quirky furnishing or a polka dot wallpaper that is easily transitional across ages; either because of its utility or because it is easily replaceable. However, do not under any circumstance, go all out and make the room look like a theme park.

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Privacy Conundrum

Privacy isn’t always easy to achieve especially in small households where siblings are sometimes expected to share a room. It can easily be countered by simple arched alcoves (an alternate to the usual bunk beds), where during the angsty teen years a curtain can be drawn across, if necessary.

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Address the work issue

While you might not need to address this issue through the kinder garden-preschool years, it is important to think about the eventual need for a work/craft table and adequate illumination. Set the tone by making work fun, and a joyful part of the day.

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Universal Style

Invest in good storage and floating shelves. From housing soft toys to artwork and photo memories, they never go out of style. The same goes for colour. Pick gender neutral colours over baby pinks, blues and pastels; such colours can be accommodated in the bed linen or the cushion covers, if you must.

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