10 Ways to Decorate your House on a Budget

Before the start of any design project it is always important to have a realistic budget. Home décor is an investment that you don’t want to enter into half-heartedly, only to later be half way through it and realise you’re broke. Shoddy, lackadaisical jobs clutter up spaces and don’t go unnoticed. Decorating doesn’t need an extravagant budget. Working with some easy rules of thumb, you can make any space look classy on a shoestring one.

Save on Carpeting

Every square inch of space does not need to be carpeted. Buy rugs to delineate spaces if you must, but hardwood floors are low maintenance and easy to care for, while also offering the sleek, sophistication of floors that aren’t dressed up. 

Affordable Accessories

Accessorize with usually overlooked items; basically highlight the mundane. A bunch of colored (or not) hardcover books are a great ornament on any coffee table, and great conversation starters too. Similarly photo collages on a simple corkboard or framing wallpaper instead of buying pricey art pieces is a great decor tip. Artsy and affordable.

                          making a wallpaper panel and framing hanley wallpaper

Double Duty Pieces

Always look for furnishings that are multifunctional. Ottomans, already diverse in their utility can be made more so, if you opt for the ones with built-in storage. Use a quirky colored stool instead of a side table and invest in rolling carts, which can be rolled to the place in need and function as counter space or even as a mini bar.

                            Pieces That Do Double Duty

Natural Light

Use less fancy, heavy curtains and draw up your blinds so that as much natural light as possible gets into the room. Never ever underestimate the potential of natural light to not only make compact spaces seem larger but to create tranquil and vibrant environments that keep colours and materials true and never go out of style.

                             heavy curtains for doors and windows 

Expand on Space 

Well-placed mirrors can make small rooms appear larger by bringing light and depth to the room. Mirrored glasses in vintage frames create authentic looking furnishing and can be used to emphasize views and colours of the space.

                             Clear Frame Mirrored Vintage

Paint and Wallpaper

The least expensive way to revamp a room would be to paint a single wall or just the door, or to touch up just the cabinetry in the kitchen to make it pop. Likewise with vintage frames and lampshades, a touch of colour can brighten up the entire space. In a similar rhetoric, wallpaper on the back wall of bookshelves make a subtle yet appealing statement.

                            paint and wallpaper ideas for living room paint and wallpaper ideas

Economic Upholstery 

Buy less-expensive, yet luxuriously colored fabric to reupholster your sofa set or, if that’s too expensive, even just upholster your cushions and certain throw pillows around the house.

                          luxuriously-colored-fabric to-reupholster 

Use Texture

Mixing and matching soft, light, matte, shiny and natural textures, all add a certain diverse richness to the space. Allow the eye to move across the canvas of the space, being engaged at different levels with subtle variations in materiality.

                           beautiful shiny and  natural textures 

Minimal Encasing

Don’t shut away utility like crockery behind cabinet doors. Open cabinets, allow you to display cutlery artistically by painting the inside of shelves to contrast with the ware. Similarly open cabinets in selective places can amp up the style of the space and save a huge amount by doing away with the need of cabinet shuttering.

                           kitchen and dining table design 

Go Big Sometimes

While much of this article is on the art of restrained minimalism, do not skimp on investment pieces. You don’t have to purchase them all at once, but a single, large, ornate floor vase or floor lamp could work better than a clutter of nonentities.

                           contemporary designer floor lamp

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