10 Tips to add hue to a dull space

Tones are to rooms what jewelries are to outfits”. Adorning the spaces with neutral shades is timeless, chic and safe. Neutral is not always boring. In fact, decorating schemes of neutral colors can undo serenity and calmness in a room.  But, at times you want to include something extra to the mains such as beige, white or gray spaces. Neutral homes get more interesting when provided with a little trace of color to it.



Intimidated of giving such a bold look to your home? Don’t be!

Here are some ways to add hue to a dull space and pop it up -

1. Opt for Vivid Accessories



Adding a tiny pop of hue with lamp, vase etc. can do wonders for a neutral room. Accessories that are like-colored can be grouped together to add a non-permanent and impactful pop of charm to the space. It must be ensured that the accessories are of bright colors as dull colors might not accord the desired look. You can utilize deep colored vases and similar fineries around the kitchen islands or dining table for adding a trace of color to light shaded rooms.


2. Pick a Solo Statement Piece




If you prefer neutral spaces but are brave enough to launch a touch of color in the room, then go for a single statement piece. Such statement pieces can be a piece of furniture, ceramic or an art work. Such statements are certainly attention getters and coordinate very well with the other textural and neutral elements of the room. You can also hang showy and rich colored leather chairs in a dull room to add a chic factor to it.

3. Limit the hues to two colors


When you want to embrace tone into the space with the help of accessories and accents but are reluctant towards going over-the-top with it, then the most matchless idea is to limit the color choice to two distinct shades. It will ward off your space from getting abrasive and disconnected. Two varying vibrant colors can be layered into neutral spaces in a limited dose. It helps in creating a cohesive designescorted by neutral foundation and also livens up your interior design in two tone styles!

4. Settle on Gaudy Rugs

Rugs with colorful details or patterns can be incorporated in a room for adding some heed under foot. Area rugs or runners that have colorful components not only help to hide debris and dirt, but is also an intelligent and the easiest way to get in a further colorful décor in a dull, neutral space. Rugs anchor a room, so they need to be chosen wisely. They can be used in any corner of the house, with any size and elevate the aesthetic sense of your abode in a true fashion.

5. Fuse Textures with Patterns

To create an extra dynamic space in a room,mix ethnic patterns; prints; textures and solids for creating visual stimulation while keeping the things interesting. For instance, a living room that is designed with neutral wall colors and furniture pieces can get a high-end gorgeous designer room look with varying patterns of draperies, loungers, chairs and sofas. Different finishes and textures keep a monochromatic room from being lifeless and adds excitement and a dash of professionality to it.

6. Choose Colorful Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are budget friendly and the easiest way to try out colors. For tracing hues to a dull room and adding vibrancy to it, hot and deep colored pillows or cushions must always be chosen which have bold patterns and prints. A blend of two colors which complement each other might also work. Picking out accent colors for detaching dullness from a neutral room is always a cool idea. It helps to give a dazzling look to the room whilst maintaining the color spectrum of your overall décor.

7.  Incorporate plants and flowers

A candid act of ushering in plants and flowers instantly adds texture and color to any space. Fresh flowers and terrariums are among the most heading home décor trends that help to drive the shades above an eye level and add yet another dimension to it. Fresh flowers, terrariums or leaf bunches hanged around a book shelf or a coffee table adds not only a vibrant hue, but also an organic element to any space. These arrangements are portable and temporary as well.

8. Lead into an Exclusive Accent Color

Adding personality to a space with the help of an accent color is a piece of cake. Any color of the room, be it beige, white or even vibrant there is perpetually a spot for accent colors. Accented look to a room can be added in the form of cushions, wall colors, window treatments, art works or even through exclusive pieces of furniture, modular kitchen. Such colors do not necessarily need to be bold. Neutral accents also add a definite and charming look to any space.


9. Pull Brilliance and Creativity through Art Work




If you tend to choose only monochromatic accessories and Interior design furnishings to your space, then you can introduce tones into it through photography and artwork. Large art works usually look more impactful but a single bold piece might also be enough for a dull room. When surroundings are simple, then art pieces become a centre of attraction and create an environment like a gallery. Even tiny pieces of art can set the mood. They can also be easily switched out when taste changes. You can invest in original work of art or create on your own.

10. Mess around with metal


The most appropriate way of following trends is just playing around with things and not over doing them. Neutral backdrops that have A grade metallic pieces rapidly overwhelm a space giving your home a feel of a night club. Metals look cool only when used as accents. Sometimes they can get grievous when overdone. You can look forward for handles, lighting, utensils and even fixtures for metallic accents which will not overpower the room and you can keep the look forever without getting tired of it.





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